5 Tips Before You Pick-up the Paint Brush


What’s your personality like?

This is possibly the first question you should ask yourself before painting a room.  If you know you dread the cooking, you should probably stay away from painting the kitchen a dark color.  What mood you and your family are in when you enter a room, or what mood you’d like to get in, should guide your color selection process.

Watch your white.

The entire reason you want to paint the room is to get rid of the white.  Right?  Well, don’t be so quick to paint over those white wall and window borders.  Doing that will likely make the room dull and will also make the natural light that flows into the room seem darker.  Instead, paint around these areas using blue or green border paint that can be purchased at any local hardware store.

Just Gimme Da Light!

Just like you want to be especially careful about covering too many of the white spaces in your room, you also want to make sure you know where your lighting will come from.  If you’re room is full of natural sunlight, you’re in luck.  Just about any color will work in that space with the right accents.  But, if you are painting a basement, or dining room (which tends to be on the more interior part of a house), be sure to consider the type of light source that is illuminating the room.  Here are some rules that a particular home and garden site swears by:

  • Natural light shows the truest color
  • Incandescent light brings out warm tones
  • Fluorescent light brings out cool, blue tones

Buy a color wheel

No ladies, it’s not enough to put the color swatches against each other because so much of that relies on your knowledge of what matches and what does not.  But, a color wheel can open up a new world of color schemes for you.  A color wheel allows you to examine even colors you didn’t believe you liked against the ones you think you do.   Remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  So, make sure you behold all the colors of the rainbow before you make your decision.

Lastly, get yourself a paint partner.

Last spring I made the horrible mistake of believing that I could single-handedly paint my living room two different colors by noon if I got up at 8 a.m.  Wrong!  Not only was this my first time, but anxiety and the physical stresses of painting got the best of me, and by 10 a.m. my hubby was in sweats dotted with sand pearl and rainforest fern paint.  Don’t make that mistake, not only can your best friend, sister, mom or significant other literally give you a helping hand (with a paint brush in it) they can give you some sisterly suggestions when you’re imagining the vibrant hues of your new space.  Hope this helps mommys!

Muffy Mendoza

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