Motherhood is such a powerful opportunity.  Everyday I wake up to the same word: mommy.  Mommy what’s for breakfast?  Mommy, I can’t find clean shorts.  I don’t know, go ask mommy.  Just a few of the phrases I hear everyday that spring me into action toward the most important job in the world.

But, what happens when a mother is not able to rise to the occasion?  What happens when a mom is not equipped with the fundamental skill set that will help her be the best mom she can be.  In my opinion, when this occurs, violence corrupts neighborhoods, poverty becomes systemic, children become desperate and under-stimulated and communities fall into ruin.  If we could imagine a world where everyone has a mother who is able to rise up and meet the daily demands of motherhood with ease and excitement, what would our world look like.

Beginning July 25th, myself and a group of mommy experts will be holding a moving-outdoor workshop called the Mastering Motherhood Workshop.  The 45-minute sessions will focus on everything from mindful parenting, to urban gardening and meal planning.  We need your help!  We are running a crowd-funding campaign on  We need monetary donations to ensure that this project is a success.  Here’s 5 reasons you should donate:


1. Because you had a good mom, are a good mom or are married to a good mom

I remember the first time I realized that I have a good mother.  It was after I’d given birth to my first son.  He’d had an incident at school and I was called to come in and meet with his teacher.  I remember thinking about all the times my mother had been in the same situation.  All the times she’s covered for me and loved me through my mistakes.  The Mastering Motherhood Workshop seeks to help moms realize how important they are to their children.  Show how much you love your mom by giving to other moms.

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2. Because you want everyone to have an awesome neighborhood

You ever wonder why some neighborhoods are better than others.  Some say it’s systemic poverty, others say it’s racism and some say some neighborhoods have always been blighted and always will be.  I think a lack of stable, well-run and thoughtful households is the reason for community blight.  I consider myself a good mom and when I noticed a vacant lot in my neighborhood needed some love, I fixed it.  Imagine if all moms thought this way.  I think neighborhoods are blighted because of lack of knowledge and know-how.  So, let’s fix that by helping moms be better moms.

3. Because you don’t have to donate all your money

That’s right.  I’m not Whole Foods (or Whole Paycheck as I’ve heard it called), the Mastering Motherhood Workshop doesn’t need all our money.  You can donate $5 or $500.  It’s up to you.  Whatever your budget is, the smallest donation is appreciated.

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4. Because women can be powerful together

Over the last few decades women have proven that we are powerful in every aspect of American culture.  From sports to the battlefield to corporate America, women have shown that no matter what the matter, we can go just as hard as the men can.  When women put their collective consciousness to anything we can overcome insurmountable odds and accomplish amazing things.  We’ve been the beacons of our homes since the beginning and now it’s time for us to reach back and make sure that all women are living their best lives.  By giving a woman the skills to make her home a place of peace and efficiency, we ensure that she can go out into the world and be all she can be.  Whether she chooses to become the 1st female president, own a business or stay at home with her children, with a good foundation she can tackle any task with confidence.  The Mastering Motherhood Workshop, seeks to give moms that foundation.  Please find it in your heart to help us launch this workshop.  I’m convinced this will be first step toward making motherhood as revolutionary as I’ve always believed it can be.

[quote title=”Title” Text=”By making moms better moms, dads become better dad, children become better adults and ultimately, communities become better communities” name=”Muffy Mendoza” name_sub=”Somebody’s Mamas”]

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