Our Pittsburgh Brown Mamas Facebook Group is open for small businesses and nonprofits in Pittsburgh. Over the last 5 years, we’ve crafted a community of over 6,000 moms from the Pittsburgh region. Our community is a trusted space where moms come for advice on everything from childcare to grocery shopping and education.

On average our group grows by 25 members per week
Currently (March 2021), our group has 5.9K members, predominantly Millenial and Gen Z.

For now, our Facebook group is open to advertisement for small, local businesses and nonprofits only. We define this as businesses and nonprofits who are grossing $30k or less per year with less than 2 employees. If you are a larger business or non-profit who would like to post sponsored content, please check out the Meet Muffy page and schedule a time to meet with Muffy.

If you are a small, local business, advertising rates are as follows.

  • $30 per week for two post each week
  • $60 per week for four post each week

Each week we will allow up to 3 businesses to post about their businesses inside our group. To sign-up

  • Fill out the form linked here.
  • Use the “shop now” link below to purchase your advertisement.