COVID-19 has everyone voicing an opinion. I’ve heard it all on my Facebook feed the last 7 days. My melinated friends have said everything from (paraphrasing),”If God got you, why you worried”, to “This is just like the other viruses and won’t be any different”, to “This is just another way they’re trying to control us.”

Keepin’ it 100, I agree with them in so many ways, but in others I wonder if this is another example of Black folks getting, potentially, left behind because of our storied, troubled and unfair historical treatment in the American healthcare system and our own inability to see beyond the tip of our noses.

I consider myself a believer who puts stock in modern science and understands, or overstands, white supremacy and it’s affects on us culturally, economically, socially, politically and other ally. Howeva, reality is, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

We all know that in times of American hysteria racism, prejudice and hatred are heightened. (As in the case of Muslim mistreatment in the weeks, months and years, after 911.)

This heightened hysteria also translates into the fact that if job losses occur, they will likely occur in our communities first. When food shortages happen, it will be our community who will be unfed. If the stock market crashes, it will be the financial illiterate who will suffer the most. Plus, as evidenced by the massive amount of historical research that has been done on the subject of the mistreatment of Black people at the hands of white doctors, white nurses and other white healthcare personnel, we know that we may not get the best healthcare in the wake of a real COVID-19 outbreak.

Having said that, rather than praying, being paranoid or adding the COVID-19 outbreak to our list of ways the man is trying to keep us down, let us come together. Let us remember that the best way to fight hysteria, racism and misunderstanding is preparation.

Instead of coming up with circumstantial dreams about why the Corona virus is causing Wall Street, Main Street and Black Street shutdowns, talk to your neighbors, develop an emergency plan for your family, read the real news and convene online, through Facebook Groups and virtual groups, community websites and other virtual means, to develop solution-based action plans that help to keep you and your family healthy, fed and in good mental health.

Stay aware that the COVID-19 shutdown could mean mental anguish to your friends that already struggle with anxiety and depression.

More than anything, remember that you are actually not alone in this. Instead of being the follower of your group, be the solution-based leader by encouraging your people to maintain their compassion, but act reasonably.

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