So, You Need A Speaker?

Painting beautiful pictures with words is what Muffy does.  Her first love has always been oratorical.  Whether she was leading a debate in her high school business ethics class or serving as the president of her Black Student Union at Point Park University, Muffy has always had a way of leading people using the power of her voice.
In the last two years, Muffy’s career as an inspiring and informative speakers has taken off.  She’s been a TEDx speaker and has served as a contributing speaker at the Mom 2.0 Summit, the nation’s most recognized conference for parenting influencers.  She’s spoken at events large and small, and has created a stage for other women to hone and master their public speaking abilities through The Brown Mama Monologues.
Muffy is most comfortable when she’s speaking about:
  • Empowering Women & Mothers
  • Building Tribes Using Storytelling
  • Nurturing Children through Learning

You can email Muffy about speaking at your conference, facilitating your event or hosting a workshop around the subjects of parenting, empowering women, community development and education at

Past Speaking Engagements:

  • Keynote Speaker, Circles of Great Pittsburgh Annual Summit, “Finding Common Ground”
  • Keynote Speaker, Unshakeable Motherhood, “Making Women Culture Creators”
  • All For One Summit, Panel Speaker, Overcoming Maternal Morbidity
  • Contributing Speaker, State of Black Learning Conference, “Liberation through Learning”
  • Contributing Speaker, TEDx, “Should Black Moms Lean In”
  • Contributing Speaker, Listen to Your Mother, “Let Moms Go Home”
  • Panel Speaker, Mom 2.0 Summit, “Diversity & Intersectionality in Blogging”
  • Keynote Speaker, Phipps Conservatory Biophilia Talk, “Produce, Petunias & Power”
  • Contributing Speaker, Inspire Speaker Series, “What Moms Need Most”
  • 11 Podcast including The Girlfriend’s Guide to Homeschooling, The 24 Hour Hustle, Uncorked, The Successful Black Parenting PodcastThe Voices You Have Not Heard, etc.



Signature Talks on Women’s Empowerment

  • What Moms Need Most: Getting Rid of Balance, Getting into Centeredness
  • Men Don’t Make Culture: How Women Can Embrace their Role as Culture Creators at Home & in the Community
  • Big Mama Is Gone, How Self-Care Became Cool & How to Make it Realistic

Signature Talks on Community Development & Tribe Building

  • The Art of the Altar Call, How to Get Your Audience to Self-Identify
  • The Audience You Can See, A Real Conversation on Why You Can’t Find Your People
  • Things Don’t Have to Fall Apart, How to Reignite Your Tribe

Signature Education Talks:

  • Liberating Children Through Learning
  • The Gift Giving Child: On Why We Find Our Purpose at 30
  • Cultivating Genius in African American Children

Muffy can speak authoritatively on the following topics:

  • Community Development
  • Tribe Building
  • Using Social Media to Find Your People & Build Your Tribe
  • Monetizing Your Social Presence & Your Events
  • Empowering Women Entrepreneurs
  • Empowering Black Women & Mothers
  • Liberating Children Through Learning
  • Homeschooling & Unschooling Children

To book Muffy as a speaker or facilitator for your next event, fill out the form below.  Thank you!