BOGO 1/2 OFF, Oct. 30 – Oct. 31 Using CODE: BOGO

Secure Your Holiday Self-Care:
The Brown Mama Box

The tools you need to live as your higher self, that’s what The Brown Mama Box has to offer every Brown Mama this holiday season.  The holiday season is upon us and soon you’ll be busy cooking, cleaning and buying for everyone else, but don’t forget about YOU Mama!  Take yourself of your holiday shopping list with the Brown Mama Box.  Each box includes,

  • The Brown Mama Mindset book
  • The Mama Map Workbook
  • The Write Here Mindfulness & Meditation Journal
  • A Black Mom & Proud T-shirt
  • A Black Mom & Proud Mug
  • A Holiday Surprise

Order your box before November 1st to get the lowest price and it will arrive in the mail by Nov. 15th in our custom, beautiful gold and pink box!

BOGO 1/2 OFF, Oct. 30 – Oct. 31 Using CODE: BOGO

Ready for Whole-Woman Work?

The Brown Mama Box is your chance to sip, relax and read in style and with PRIDE!  The Brown Mama Mindset book, workbook and journal will fuel you with the self-worth, accountability and confidence to go into the New Year with all of your #BlackMomMagic!  In addition, your Mind Check Deck gives you 30 days of life-watering questions that will give you the mindset shift you need to be the whole woman you want to be.