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The Brown Mama Monologues

We’re so glad that you are interested in supporting our growth through the Facebook Community Accelerator.

Just in case you need more reason to support the Brown Mama Monologues project.  Check out our video that showcases just how much moms love the showcase and are invested in it’s growth!

During the Facebook Community Accelerator we met all of the goals we set out to accomplish including:

  • Generating and raising over $400,000 in revenue
  • Expanding our showcase to the DC Metro market
  • Hiring a Chief Operations Officer and a Chief Marketing Officer

Now, we are excited to help you

  • Link your brand story to the Black mothering experience
  • Deepen the brand authenticity and trust your organization has with Brown Mamas
  • Access a new, influential market that can inform your decision-making and expand the reach of your product or service

The decision to support our brand is a big one, but you won’t be alone. Brown Mamas has worked with tons of brands during our decade-long commitment to serve the Black mothering community. Here’s what they say!

“StarKist is proud to sponsor the Brown Mama Monologues. Our company looks for community partnerships that are authentic and help to build community. We appreciated the chance to work with Muffy Mendoza and are grateful to be part of the Brown Mana Monologues initiative.”

— Michelle Faist, Starkist

“Muffy’s activations on social media were authentic, interesting, and advanced our goals to reach moms who were struggling for solutions with distance learning during the pandemic.”

— Colby Zintl, Common Sense Media

Other partners include..

Our partners know that the relationships we’ve created in the Black mothering community can take decades for brands to develop on their own, that’s why they trust us to create the bridge.

They know that,

  • Having 600 LIVE STREAM Viewers at our 2021 Showcase
  • Our decade-long tribe-building work in the Black mothering space
  • Heading up a community of nearly 6300 Black mothers since 2012

Uniquely qualifies Brown Mamas to make those connections on their behalf.

PLUS, the show is REALLY good!

Storytelling, performances, COMMUNITY-VOTED AWARDS, your outreach and engagement strategy couldn’t be in more authentically captivating space!

Don’t believe us? Just WATCH!

If you are ready to work alongside Brown Mamas to infuse the story of your brand into this inspiring experience, take action today DONATE or BOOK A CALL with us today!

You can also email us at hello@brownmamas.com