My oldest son first developed a love for creating things when he was about 3.  He started building things in his room out of anything.  He’d build stick figures out of the straw that came out of the broom.  He’d use his blocks to create whole buildings and tunnels in his room.  For this birthday this year we brought him a LEGO set with over 1,000 pieces. It took him an hour to put it together.  (Seriously.)

Lately my 13-year-old has been talking about wanting to create an app and make his own video games.  I know he has pretty lofty dreams.  But, fortunate for us, there’s a program that is looking to teach kids between the ages of 12-15 just how to do this sort of thing.  The First Bytes Society operates with the mission of making software development education accessible to youth.  In their words:

There’s a few things wrong with typical software development education and its supporting ecosystem: a lack of accessible curriculum and tools, a high (read expensive) barrier of entry to formal education, and a pretty hardened stereotype of what a software engineer should look like. We’re aiming to fix these things.

And guess what mamas:  IT’S FREE!! (yes, FREE) So now that we know what they’re all about, let’s get your kid signed up.

In addition, the program is looking for 10 mentors to assist in teaching the teens and still needs to raise $3500 to continue operations.  Visit their website at to find out how you can help.  I hope you mamas will take advantage of this great opportunity!

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