Diapers and baby products, car seats formula and infant clothing can be a pricey right after having a baby. Check out this list.

  • Welcome Little One provides diapers, clothing and other baby items on an “as available” basis for up to one year old. Also provides self-administered pregnancy tests. Call (412) 391-6862 for more info.
  • Cribs for Kids provides infant safe sleeping environments to low income families throughout the country. Provides safe sleep education to parents and professionals. Click here or call 412-322-5686 for more info.
  • New Hope United Methodist Church distributes diapers on Friday’s from 1-5. Call (412) 231-7882 for more info.
  • Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank provides diapers to agencies who directly distribute them. Click here for a list of over 40 agencies across Pittsburgh that distribute free diapers.
  • The PA Traffic Injury Prevention Project has a car seat loan program. Click here for a list of participating agencies in Pittsburgh.
Diapers and Baby Products
Diapers and Baby Products