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Felicia is a mom of two with two decades of yoga/meditation experience under her belt.  In addition to raising to raising two, now successful, adults, Felicia has her own mobile yoga business. YogaRoots On Location. Her workshop will focus on helping us moms live a more meaningful and mindful life.  Through meditative yoga, Felicia will use gentle and restorative yoga poses to help us mamas be  more present in our parenting experiences.  She will guide us on the path toward a happy mommy journey.

From family finances to meal planning and rhythmic African dance, the Mastering Motherhood Workshop promises to be your one-stop shop for mastering your home life so that you can enjoy your motherhood journey the way you should.  Sign-up before July 6th to get our early bird discount.  Let our mothering experts make you a #mommyMaster!

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