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Every mama should have a mama mentor. Another mama you can depend on for guidance, wisdom and a listening ear can be crucial when trying to get through the rough patches of motherhood.

Motherhood can be a challenging task and it gets even harder when you don’t have anyone to ask for advice, assist in resource acquisition and lean on for mental and emotional support.

With the generous support of the Pittsburgh Foundation and Opportunity Fund, Brown Mamas is launching its first mentoring initiative with GrowMama Mentoring.

Guided by the Brown Mama Mindset Curriculum, the collective knowledge of the mothers in our community as mentors and partnership with local organizations, we will launch a 12-week mentoring cohort aimed at Pittsburgh’s most vulnerable mothers.

Our first cohort will consist of 10 mothers and 5 mentors who will focus in on:

  • Emotional and mental wellness, specifically removing limiting/stagnating thoughts
  • Resource acquisition and developing support systems
  • Strengthening parental bonds
  • Strengthening male-female alliances
  • Homelife management and balance
  • Developing cultural awareness and habits that support wellness

Mothers who participate will receive

  • A mentor for 12-weeks
  • A $300 stipend
  • A copy of the Brown Mama Mindset book, workbook, journal and Mind Check Deck
  • A chance to work toward self-mastery
  • A chance to generate future income by creating an online course through the GrowMamaGrow Online Learning Hub.

Mothers who are eligible are:

  • Working mothers
  • Mothers able to make a weekly commitment to do the course work
  • Mothers who live in the City of Pittsburgh
  • Mothers who make less than $35,000/year
  • Mothers who are working toward a goal that they’d like help accomplishing

If you, or someone you know, meets these eligibility requirements, please fill out the form linked here, or below. You can also email us at


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Muffy Mendoza is an author, speaker and founder of Pittsburgh Brown Mamas, a support group for nearly 4,000 African-American moms in the Pittsburgh region. To further fill the void Muffy has created a line of educational products focused on helping Black moms be the best moms, too. Her first book, The Brown Mama Mindset: A Blueprint for Black Moms on Life, Love & Home, was featured at the 2018 Essence Festival and is currently sold in various cities across the U.S. Muffy champions the beauty of Black motherhood everywhere she goes, even on the TEDx stage. Find out more about Muffy on

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