Last winter my boys enjoyed two wonderful shows during the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust winter and spring family theater season.  Both shows kept my boys intrigued and excited.  This year’s 2018-2019 EQT Bridge Theater Series and Citizen’s Bank Children’s Theater Series are promising not to disappoint.

First up, the EQT Bridge Series will bring five dynamic family-friendly shows to the Steel City.  Starting Nov. 2 all the way through May 19th neighborhoods all over the city will have the chance to experience dynamic family-friendly theater.

Our Ticket Giveaway & Meet-Up

Brown Mamas’ will host a meet-up at the January 19th viewing of Moon Shot, a theatrical reenactment of the Apollo 11 lunar landing.  Join our private Facebook group or newsletter to learn more.  To enter the giveaway, just comment and share the Facebook post below.

The EQT Bridge Theater Series will debut this November.  This theater experience is designed for kids ages 7 and up.  The shows will take place in the Downtown Cultural District including the Byham Theater, Trust Arts Education Center and one surprise location.  Tickets start at $12 per person.  This season, you can purchase a Children’s Theater membership starting a $100, which includes upfront seating at both the EQT Bridge Theater Series and Citizen’s Bank Children’s Theater shows, cast meet and greets, recognition in the program booklets for each show and more.  Click here to learn about membership.


There are a few shows that I absolutely love for Brown Mamas and their families.  Rosie Revere, Engineer, Androckles and The Lion and Moon Shot were some of my favorites.  Check them out in the listings below.


EQT Bridge Theater Series Lineup

Androcles & The Lion – Friday, November 2nd – Saturday, November 10 – Trust Arts Education Center

Androcles is a slave who must escape after being accused of theft. He flees to into the burning sun of the Libyan desert. So many creatures and sounds live in the desert. And in the middle of the pitch-dark night, a roar sounds so loudly that Androcles’ heart freezes. Experience this tale of danger, deception and kindness in this unexpected and immersive story.


Moon Shot – Friday January 18th – Saturday, January 19th – Byham Theater

To recreate the story of America’s Apollo 11 lunar landing, seven actors squeeze onto a 21-square feet stage nearly as tight as NASA’s original Mercury capsules. Using only their bodies and their voices, this astounding play brings to life one of the most daring times in the history of human exploration: the Space Race.


LEO – Friday, March 29th – Saturday, March 30th – Byham Theater

LEO is a mind-bending, funny, surreal, and surprisingly touching theater work that challenges the senses and tests perceptions of reality through the clever interplay of live performance and high tech video projection.


MurikamificationSaturday, May 18th – Sunday, May 19th

Step into the daydream that unfolds before your eyes. Using the magical, surrealistic stories of Haruki Murakami as a source of inspiration, Kaiel creates an intensely physical and absurd performance trail. In each new city, the work is adapted to the local context. In each version of ‘Murikamification’, a diverse and curious audience is overwhelmed by surprising scenery in the streets of their own city. Follow the action on this moving theater piece throughout Pittsburgh’s own Cultural District.


Citizen’s Bank Children’s Theater Series

The Citizens Bank Children’s Theater Series presents award-winning, professional theater for young audiences ages 3 and up. This year’s show will meet audiences right where they all.  The shows will travel north, south, east, west and central to bring family-friendly theater to the entire City of Pittsburgh.  Here’s a short video preview of the shows. All the details are below.

Aga-Boom – Friday, November 9th – Saturday, November 10th – Byham Theater

Rooted in theatrical clowning, AGA-BOOM brings together the best traditions of circus arts, physical comedy and European avant-garde. Get ready for a live-action cartoon, exploding with sophisticated slapstick, outlandish chases and the most chaotic finale ever. Sure to inspire many a belly laugh for both young and not so young.

Your Alien – Sunday, January 6 – Monday, January 14 – Multiple Locations

One day, you’ll be looking out your window when something wonderful comes your way… and you will want to keep him. Your Alien touches down with a stranded alien who strikes up a fabulous friendship with a boy who finds him. They go to school and have loads of fun together. As evening approaches, the alien grows homesick. Will the boy be able to figure out how to help his new friend? This funny and uplifting new musical shows how the power of true friendship can last a lifetime.  Click here for a list of the performances and locations.

Flight School The Musical – Sunday, February 17th – Sunday, February 24th – Multiple Locations

It’s the first day of Flight School, where they teach birds to fly. Penguin has the soul of an eagle and is ready to live on the wind. But he wasn’t built to soar, as the other birds constantly remind him. Penguin’s spirit won’t be grounded. With some friends of a feather, and a little help on the technical bits, Penguin follows his dream to flip, flap, fly! Based on the book from best-selling author Lita Judge.  Click here to see the multiple locations and performances.



Rosie Revere, Engineer – Sunday, March 31 – Sunday, April 7th – Multiple Locations

Ms. Greer’s classroom includes three inquisitive out-of-the-box thinkers. Rosie Revere has big dreams, Iggy Peck has a relentless passion for architecture, and Ada Twist’s curiosity can drive her teacher crazy. A fun new musical based on the books Rosie Revere, EngineerIggy Peck, Architectand Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty which spotlights the STEM curriculum (focusing on science, technology, engineering and math).  Click here to see a list of locations.


Emily Brown and The Thing – Saturday, May 18th – Sunday, May 19th – August Wilson Center

One evening, Emily Brown and her old grey rabbit Stanley hear a Thing crying outside their window. He just can’t get to sleep. Emily Brown and Stanley set off on incredible adventures to the Dark and Scary Wood, the Whirling Wastes and beyond, to find the Thing’s cuddly, his bedtime milk and his medicine.






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