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Our Programs

As part of our mission, it is our goal to offer innovative programming to Black moms in the Pittsburgh region that truly fills a gap in the current parenting ecosystem. To date, Brown Mamas’ has proven to be an innovative organization that listens to the needs of our moms in the development of lean programming that efficiently meets direct needs around socialization, emotional and mental wellness and economic stability.

The Brown Mama Monologues

Every year Brown Mamas showcases the lived experiences of Black mothers on-stage with the purpose of redefining the American motherhood narrative to be more inclusive of Black mothering stories.  To date, the show has been viewed by nearly 2,000, including 600 live stream viewers in 2021.  Over 40 moms have told their stories and countless lives have been impacted.

PBM Community

Pittsburgh Brown Mamas is virtually, and literally, a household name in the Pittsburgh region. Reaching over 6,300 Black mothers in our super-engaged, hyper-local Facebook group that weekly interacts with nearly 80% of its members, we have become a catalyst for social change in the region.

Brown Mama Cafe

We are excited to launch our Brown Mama Cafe support groups in June 2022. In response to listening sessions held during the pandemic, Brown Mamas is responding to the needs of our community with Brown Mama Cafes. Using some components of the Parent Cafe support group model, we are excited to offer our community a monthly opportunity to be heard, supported and find solutions to their everyday needs in a communal setting.

GrowMama Mentoring

A cross-generational approach to mama mentoring, we run a 12-week mommy matchmaking program that connects less experienced mothers with more experienced moms with the mission of helping moms build their village of support, grow and maintain their sense of emotional and mental wellness and developing a set of personal and parenting principles that can guide their mothering journey.

GrowMamaGrow Digital Literacy Program

In 2021 Brown Mamas’ piloted a program to teach moms how to create digital assets as a means of procuring additional, passive income.  To date, we have trained 5 moms and are in beta with the portion of our website that will house this offering.  We are excited to begin a new journey toward meeting the entrepreneurial goals of our mothering community.

Brown Mama Speaker Series

Encouraging our moms to lead in the communities they care for, Brown Mamas’ host a monthly virtual speaker series that calls upon the experts among us to provide learning experiences that enhance the collective knowledge of our community and encourage confidence in their own ability to change the communities they live in.

Our Funding Partners

Cherry Avenue Foundation