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Black Owned Nail Salons/Techs in Pittsburgh

Weekly in the Pittsburgh Brown Mamas facebook group, if not more often, we get asked for suggestions for black owned service providers. It’s important to us to go to someone who looks like us and knows how to take care of us best. We are on a mission to provide lists to help our fellow...


5 Black Women to Follow for Personal Finance Advice

Who couldn’t use some guidance when it comes to personal finance? I know I am always looking to educate myself on what I could be doing better in my journey. And to receive this knowledge from women who look like me is icing on the cake! Rags-to-Riches Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche Have you heard of...

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Brown Mamas’ Guide to Black Doulas in Pittsburgh

Our city is awakening to the power of Black Doulas in Pittsburgh. It is an exciting time for these front-line workers who are literally preserving our future with their hands. Brown Mamas is all about making sure that when you want to support Black women you can, so we made this list of Black doulas...


6 Black Gardeners to Follow on Instagram

Getting your hands dirty for the first time can be scary, especially with the seeming lack of Black gardeners out there to glean wisdom from. But, reality its, Black gardeners are out here and always have been. From growing beautiful flowers, to full heads of cabbage, houseplant extraordinaires and more, sistahs and brothas been growing....


10 Organizations Supporting Black Mamas Led by Black Mamas

There are tons of organizations doing good work out there, but organizations supporting black mamas that are actually run by Black mamas can be hard to come by. Systematically and historically, Black-women led organizations are often under-funded, under-staffed and are, usually, doing the MOST work and the hardest work in our communities. There is so...

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