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Every mom needs one.  A tribe, that is.  A group of women she can vent to, ask for advice and just be herself in a NO JUDGEMENT zone.  If you just had a baby, are in the thick of motherhood or have just outgrown your friends, you are in the right place.  Brown Mamas’ was formed out of a need for women to be able to do just that.  It began as a few women getting together at each other’s homes and has ballooned into a support group in Pittsburgh, PA of over 4,000 moms.  They support each other both online and offline to live their best lives with children in tow.  What makes our community unique is that we are committed to positive support and application of resources (both tangible and emotional) for our members.  We encourage our moms, not to conform to what other mamas are doing, but live their best life on their terms.  Check out our testimonials.

Jermaine A.
Member, Brown Mamas
First let me say how much I love this group! All these supporting sistas filled with support, positivity, and prayer.. I really appreciate every one here!
Dominique M.
Member, Brown Mamas
I never received love like this before. NEVER! Whomever started this group was definitely all about helping others than themselves. I’m grateful for this group. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of something!
Desiree M.
Member, Brown Mamas
Being new to Pittsburgh it has shown me that there are friendly, loving, caring African-American women going through similar situations as I may have gone through or are going through & the support is just AWESOME!
Khamil S.
Founder, CocoaPreneur
I just love this group.  That is all!
Keysha G.
Founder, HOPE for Tomorrow, Inc.
I have joined many groups for women and moms on fb- this by far surpasses the rest. I enjoy the deep, poignant conversations, the discussion of taboo topics and the silly ‘Mom complaints’ memes and statuses. I love watching the live stream videos and feel the mamalogues are genius- a game changer for the City. So yes,I’ve been impacted