Sew Your Clothes 101


Debra is a mom of four who is good at just about everything.  From making her own purses and clothes to designing and painting, Debra is a real #mommyMaster.  Her workshop will focuses on teaching moms basic sewing techniques. From hemming pants to making pillows, Debra has a host of DIY needle and thread techniques to teach.

From family finances to meal planning and couponing, the Mastering Motherhood Workshop promises to be your one-stop shop for mastering your home life so that you can enjoy your motherhood journey the way you should.  Sign-up before July 6th to get our early bird discount.  Let our mothering experts make you a #mommyMaster!

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Cynthia Mendoza

Hello. Welcome to a blog for Black moms looking to thrive while raising kids in this hectic world and the headquarters for Pittsburgh Brown Mamas, a Pittsburgh support group for Black moms. Here I write about raising my three boys, living in and loving Pittsburgh, dating my husband, gardening and all kinds of other stuff. Thanks for visiting. Stay long & come often!

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