The Mama Map Workbook is the activity-based companion guide for The Brown Mama Mindset book. It is designed to help African-American moms overcome feelings of overwhelm, insecurity and inadequacy.  As you read the 15 chapters in the book and complete each activity you will:

  • Realize that you DO have enough time to raise your kids and be the woman you want to be 
  • Stop depleting yourself by developing self-nourishing rituals that release feelings of stagnation
  • Become the woman who can get off the emotional roller coaster of dysfunctional relationships
  • Get real accountability standards that assist you in finding the real you, so that you can live on purpose

I wrote the Brown Mama Mindset on my journey from broke down mom to whole mother, woman and wife.  The book and workbook are a reflection of the principles I used during my transformation.  Trust me Mama, you WILL be changed!

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