Tips to Select Fireplace Inserts That Suit Your Lifestyle

In summer, homeowners tend to look for alternative heating options to keep warm while the season lasts. Fireplaces readily come to mind because of their heating capabilities. Ideally, the masonry variation is preferred because they connect the flue and the chimney in your home as one element.

However, some homeowners are gradually being fed up with everyday purposes these serve. That is because of the inability of the heat to scale through the masonry structure. Hence, heads are turning towards fireplace inserts, which have proven effective than the former.

When settling for this source of heating in your home, you must have an idea of some of the things to look for when buying one. Our guide would help you to discover the best fireplace inserts that suit your lifestyle.

  1. Length of the Heating

One of the essential considerations is the properties of the fireplace insert and the different styles it has. These would help you arrive at an informed decision.

Ideally, you should choose one that delivers the heat right from the chimney to your sitting or lying position. That way, you are confident that you would keep warm without having to change locations in conformity with the irregularity of the fireplace insert.

On the other hand, consideration should be on the capability of the fireplace insert to distribute fire. For instance, you may want to go for the self-cleaning doors that allow you to watch the flames. It is also essential to choose the blowers or fans variation because they are useful in distributing heat in hot weather condition.

  1. Self-Regulation

Many homeowners and fireplace insert enthusiasts love to keep warm. But things can get tricky when the inserts work out of proportion. Therefore, it is vital to get an automatic one.

You wouldn’t want to get your home burnt, literally. So, it is ideal that you get a curved fireplace inserts like the Verve 24. It is useful in regulating your fire.

Also, your choice of a self-regulated fireplace insert should extend to the variations that have either of remote controls of thermostats. That way, it wouldn’t be a hard task to keep the flames in check.

  1. Installation Considerations

Understandably, you may want to see what it feels like to install your first fireplace. You may have to defer that to some other time. That is because most fireplace inserts are not designed for a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) routine. Most times, expatriate handling is all there is to mount them to your desired location.

Therefore, you must employ the services of a qualified, certified installer to help you with the job. The essence of this is because fireplace inserts ought to be installed per the dictates of the building and fire codes.

  1. The Kind of Fuel

We are coming back to you this time: what type of fuel do you want to use for your fireplace insert? Many homeowners are gradually shifting from the traditional use of wood to heat the fireplace.

Now, the focus cuts across coal, natural gas, and propane. Perhaps, you want to try those. If not, you may consider other kinds of fuel for heating the insert fireplace, including pellets, EPA Certified Wood, electricity, or coal.

Whichever your options are, ensure that they are something you can quickly source when they eventually run out.


The paradigm shift to fireplace inserts is triggered by the inefficiencies recorded on the masonry-styled fireplace. Hence, homeowners are looking for better heating options, and the attributes they’re looking for can be found on fireplace inserts.

With these tips, you can now be able to choose the best fireplace inserts that suit your lifestyle. So, head over to your favorite shopping place and get your desired fireplace inserts.


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