Most moms don’t go a day without clutter.  Whether your dresser is full of too many bottles of lotion, your desk has bills from two months of ago sitting in the so-called neat pile you created or underneath you’re 5-year-old’s bed looks like a clothing bomb exploded, most of us moms have learned to live with utter clutter.


Jerome & Deborah Mills, founders of

When I signed on to international mom blogger Deborah Mills’ “Chaos to Calm” one-hour, empowerment session I expected to hear the same old, same old advice.  You know things life coaches say like “you need to meditate,” “find time for yourself” and the infamous “life is what you make it.”   Instead, Ms. Mills gave us very practical mind strategies we could use to lead ourselves from a life of chaos to calm, or clutter to clean, as I would say.  I left my computer with these practical ideas:

  • Your cluttered environment is usually the result of your cluttered mind, not the other way around
  • You possess the power to eradicate negative thoughts
  • What you are living right now (your career, family, relationships) are the direct result of what you allow yourself to think and place value on.

Wisdom Treasures for the Road Ahead by Deborah Mills

Deborah has been kind enough to offer Pittsburgh Brown Mamas her November session for just $47.  Visit her site for more info.  In addition to the informative online meetup, once I completed my online session, Deborah sent me her book “Wisdom Treasures for the Road Ahead” to help on my journey to a calm mind and life.  The book is a collection of positive and inspirational thoughts that are meant to be read daily.  I won’t give you all the treasures, but I can share these three which resonated most with me:

Treasure 93

Write your memories down.  Preserve this part of your legacy for your children and the generations to come.  It’s never too early or late to get started.

Treasure 51

Listen twice as much as you speak — do it for others.  People really have something to say and sometimes all they need is a listening ear.

Treasure 36

You have worthwhile gifts to share and give.  It doesn’t take money. Your very presence is a gift

To Learn more about Deborah Mills’ “Chaos to Calm” sessions or to buy her book visit

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