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The Story of Us

Brown Mamas is an organization created out of friendship and genuine love for Black mothers.  Our founder, Muffy Mendoza, started Brown Mamas back in 2012 as a way to make friends. What started as a few moms meeting at her home, has ballooned into the premier support group for Black moms in the region servicing over 1,000 moms online and nearly 100 in-person.  We operate under the premise that making moms better moms, makes dads better dads, children become better adults and ultimately, communities become better communities.  By helping moms to enjoy their motherhood journey, gain the resources and access necessary to raise happy health kids and by providing a socially supportive environment we believe Black mothers can help unlock the key to uplifting Black communities.


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Brown Mama’s Guide to Organizing Your Time

Time management books for moms seem to be everywhere these days.  And still, your to-do list is growing by the minute, hour and day.  Could it be that most time management books don’t address the fact that moms have 5-page long, unorganized and ineffective to-do list?  Brown Mama’s Guide to Organizing Your Time addresses this fact head-on and is specifically written with moms in mind.

For the last 6 years Muffy Mendoza has been the leader of Pittsburgh Brown Mamas, a support group for Black moms in the Steel City that supports over 1500 mothers.  Through PBM, Muffy has gained a bird’s-eye view of the problems moms face everyday.  From planning meals to organizing hectic family schedules, Muffy has seen the moms in her support group grapple with trying to stay sane while raising and rearing their children.

Brown Mama’s Guide to Organizing Your Time will help you let go of the mental clutter that comes from a piled up to-do list and orient an organized system to start crossing task off.

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The “Original Mama T-Shirt” is the ultimate way for African-American moms to show their pride in being the descendants of the FIRST mothers of this Earth.  This grey, v-neck, cotton, stretch t-shirt is machine washable with print in magenta and white.
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Meet Our Planning Collective

The PBM Planning Collective is the lifeblood of Pittsburgh Brown Mamas. We plan the meet ups, keep our mamas engaged on Facebook and run the monthly meet ups. Feel free to reach out to us to get the 411 (or 412) on everything Pittsburgh Brown Mamas at pghbrownmamas@gmail.com.

Muffy Mendoza


Muffy founded Brown Mamas, is a mom of 3 and brings a genuine care and concern for our mamas to the team.

Natasha Collins

Planning Team

Natasha is a mom of one sweet daughter and brings tactfulness, a great mind and unique perspective to our team.

Jessica Lewis

Jessica Lewis

Planning Team

Jessica is a sistah's sistah. She brings an uplifting personality and a nurse's healing touch to the team.

Nichole B. Sims

Nichole B. Sims

Planning Team

Nichole always adds loads of the fun to our meet ups and brings much insight and intuitive perception to the team.

What do the Mamas Say?

Pittsburgh Brown Mamas has bridged a gap in the city. Our moms agree that the support, conversations and positive interaction in PBM is parallel to none.
Shay L.

Shay L.

Brown Mama

I love this group. It's so insightful, informative and uplifting. It's also a nice change of fb "scenery" from the fb "drama."

Ama B.

Ama B.

Brown Mama

I love this group! You are so informative, inspirational and encouraging I have to stop by everyday to see what's going on!

Tamara B.

Tamara B.

Brown Mama

We had such a wonderful time at the Pittsburgh Brown Mamas' cookout! Thank you for having us I look forward to coming to many more events!

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Reviews, Best Practices in Motherhood, Local Events and the #GoodMama Campaign are just a few of the topics we blog about. Check it out!

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