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  • 10 years of experience cultivating community with Black mothers
  • Successfully advertised for corporate and non-profit orgs like Black Women’s Health Imperative, Common Sense Media, Walmart & Comcast
  • Vast experience in email marketing, social media marketing and content development and strategy.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with your organization and connect our moms to the information, initiatives and services they value.

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We kick off by determining your company’s specific marketing needs and how Brown Mamas can best help meet them. Please note: if your interest form is incomplete or does not align with our organization’s mission and vision, we will not proceed with the relationship at this time.

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Once we provide you will a timeline, our Marketing Director and Social Impact Ambassadors will disseminate the agreed upon content on a timeline that increases impact.

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Once your advertising or sponsorship campaign is finished, we will provide a data story that showcases the analytical data, target audience engagement and possible ways to strengthen our partnership next time.

What our partners say

“Brown Mamas’ activations on social media were authentic, interesting, and advanced our goals to reach moms who were struggling for solutions with distance learning during the pandemic.”

-Colby Z., Common Sense Media

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Frequently asked questions

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Q. How does Brown Mamas help Black moms?

A. Brown Mamas’ primary functions are community-building, content creation, events and programs.  We are not a social service agency.  We do not provide housing, food or childcare services or assistance.  We do have a robust listing of resources for the Pittsburgh region.

Q. Does Brown Mamas operate outside of Pittsburgh?

A. Currently, our main hub is in Pittsburgh.  However, you can join our National Facebook group here to learn more about how we are supporting moms in other regions.

Q. How can other organizations reach Brown Mamas’ community?

A. Brown Mamas does offer an advertising service.  From reaching our email listing of nearly 5k to posting your content in our Facebook group of 6.6K, we’d love to learn more about how your product or service can help our community members.

Q. How does Brown Mamas support homeschoolers?

A. Brown Mamas is not a homeschool group.  However, our founder, Muffy Mendoza, homeschooled her children for 7 years, has spoken at homeschooling and education conferences and is a supporter of the movement to reconstruct education for Black children.  We do have a robust list of resources to support the homeschool community. Muffy is also open to speaking about her homeschool experience.

Q. Does Brown Mamas accept paid, sponsored posts?

A. Yes.  This is a service we charge a fee for, and we will not post spam links.

Q. Who should I contact to learn more about partnering with Brown Mamas?

A. Please send your inquiry to hello@brownmamas.com.

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