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Brown Mamas, Not Just a Blog

We are an online and in-person community for moms in the Pittsburgh region.  Brown Mamas is also responsible for The Brown Mama Monologues an annual celebration of motherhood in Pittsburgh and the DMV.

5 Ways to Anchor Your Daily Homeschool Schedule

March 30, 2020
Your daily homeschool schedule or routine is the very foundation of your life when you are a homeschooler. It dictates ... Read More

Food Resources – Pittsburgh COVID-19

March 17, 2020
This list attempts to be comprehensive in providing resources for free and low-cost food for Pittsburghers during the COVID-19 outbreak ... Read More

Brown Mamas’s Guide to Deschooling

March 17, 2020
Learning does not need to be labor intensive.  In fact, learning is best done with ease and intrigue.  Moms, dads ... Read More

Black Skepticism & COVID-19

March 13, 2020
COVID-19 has everyone voicing an opinion. I’ve heard it all on my Facebook feed the last 7 days. My melinated ... Read More

4 EASY, Fun STEAM Projects for Kids at Home

March 13, 2020
The Corona is upon us sis! What is a mama to do. Not much, that is what she is to ... Read More

Hey Sis! I’m Muffy Mendoza, the author, speaker and mama motivator responsible for cultivating this community of over 5k moms-of-color.  Stay long & come often! ♥  Read More…