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Brown Mamas, Not Just a Blog

We are an online and in-person community for moms in the Pittsburgh region, a brand focused on helping Black mothers do the work of healing themselves and their homes and a blog that boast over 10,000 readers each month.

Healing the Emotional Wounds of Black Women, Episode 11

January 12, 2021
What does healing mean for Black women?  How do we heal?  What do our emotional wounds look like?  These are ... Read More
brown mama blueprint podcast reiki

Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast – Energy Work & Reiki

December 21, 2020
In this episode of the Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast, we chat about what it means to be an Energy Worker ... Read More
mindfulness books for moms

5 Mindfulness Books for Black Women

November 10, 2020
Mindfulness books for black women are pretty easy to find in a Google search, but books for mindful moms that ... Read More
Black Women for a Better Education

Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast – Self-Governance & Education

November 9, 2020
In this episode of The Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast we chat about what the election of our nation’s first Black ... Read More
gifts for black moms

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Black Moms

November 3, 2020
Finding a gift for moms is hard. Finding a gift for Black moms is even harder. We know this, that’s ... Read More

Hey Sis! I’m Muffy Mendoza, the author, speaker and mama motivator responsible for cultivating this community of over 5k moms-of-color.  Stay long & come often! ♥  Read More…