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Brown Mamas’ News

Brown Mamas Featured on the Jennifer Hudson Show

Muffy Mendoza, the powerhouse behind Brown Mamas, recently made waves with her appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show.  The segment told the story of how Brown Mamas’ began and the sacrifices she and her family made to cultivate the community.

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Brown Mamas’ Meetups

Looking for your tribe in the Pittsburgh region? Join us for a Brown Mamas’ Meetup. Outside of Pittsburgh, consider starting a chapter.

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Childcare Assistance

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Children With Developmental Delays

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Diapers & Baby Products

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Food Assistance

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New Mom

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Resources for Moms in Pittsburgh

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Self-Care & Health

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Single Moms in Pittsburgh

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Weekly podcast

Brown Mama Blueprint

A podcast for black moms with the intention of amplifying black female voices through storytelling and giving black mamas advice on the subjects that matter most in their lives.

Brown Mama Monologues

African-American mothers take the stage to tell their most vulnerable stories around black motherhood in America. Our moms leave all of their mom guilt, co-parenting woes, funny stories about childbirth and more right on the floor of the stage. Their stories we uplift our crowd with parent-centered comedic acts, uplifting and empowering performances and awards recognizing the local champions of Black motherhood right in their own backyards.

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Brown Mamas builds partnerships with organizations and companies that bring value to the Black mothering community in Pittsburgh and nationwide.

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Perspective Consultation

Do you need help linking your brand story to the lived experiences and lives of Black mothers?

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