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How do you attract a tribe that loves your brand?

The founder of Brown Mamas, Muffy Mendoza has spend over a decade, mastering the answer to this question. Tribe-building is her superpower.

Whether you need to create a communication strategy that entices your core customer, develop programming that addresses the core needs of the people you want to help or need to develop a launch strategy that is equitable and inclusive, she and her team are the consultancy your looking for.

From developing programmatic strategies for online education companies to creating communication and recruitment plans for universities and community-focused organizations, the Brown Mamas’ team are the thought leaders you need.

Use the button below to contact us or send general inquiries to hello@brownmamas.com.

Our CEO and Founder, Muffy Mendoza has built her entire tribe-building career answering these very questions. Book time with her to learn more.


Muffy Mendoza

Founder & CEO

Muffy Mendoza has built a nation of impassioned moms as the Founder and CEO of Brown Mamas.  Along that journey she has cultivated an array of expertise. Author, community developer and advocate, speaker and influencer, she is a highly adept entrepreneur and leader with a heart for the black mothering community. Her resume is a veritable list of who’s who including TEDx speaker, Essence Festival featured author, #63 on the Root 100s List of Most Influential African-Americans and Facebook Accelerator Program graduate. Residing in Pittsburgh, PA, Muffy loves traveling and studying spirituality, and is the proud mother of three sons and a happy wife of one awesome husband.

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Muffy and her team helped Healthy Start Inc. create this educational, video series to grow awareness around heart health in the Black maternal community. Click here to see the entire campaign.

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