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  1. Brown Mamas Spotlighted on The Jennifer Hudson Show

    Muffy Mendoza, the powerhouse behind Brown Mamas, recently made waves with her appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show. Our founder has been shaping the narrative around Black motherhood, challenging perceptions, and building a vibrant community. With over 7,000 Black moms connected through her organization, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Brown Mamas is not…

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  2. Muffy Mendoza featured panelist on Talk Pittsburgh

    Founder & CEO of Brown Mamas featured on Talk Pittsburgh.

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  3. Brown Mamas Accepted into Facebook Community Accelerator Program

    We are excited and honored to announce that Brown Mamas has been accepted into Facebook’s Community Accelerator Program.

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  4. Understanding Black Male Mental Health

    In the heart of our communities and families, Black male mental health can go neglected and undervalued because it’s seen as weakness. As we, the women who love them—mothers, partners, sisters—strive to support and understand the unique challenges they face, it’s crucial that we delve into the complexities of Black Male Mental Health. This conversation…

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  5. Mental Health in the Black Community

    In the heart of every community lies in a shared strength and resilience, especially within the Black community, where the journey towards mental wellness faces unique challenges and profound resilience. At Brown Mamas, we believe in lifting the veil on mental health in the Black community, addressing it with the sensitivity, understanding, and empowerment it…

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  6. Black Mental Health: Empowering Our People

    Mental health is a vital aspect of our overall well-being, a truth that resonates deeply within the Black community. Historically, Black individuals have faced unique challenges and systemic barriers that impact their mental health. As we aim to nurture and empower our community, it’s essential to approach the topic of mental health with sensitivity, understanding,…

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  7. 5 Black Conscious Parenting Experts to Follow

    Finding voices that resonate with your experiences, especially as Black mothers, is like discovering a treasure trove of wisdom and solidarity. That’s why we’ve curated a must-follow list of five Black Conscious Parenting Experts. These trailblazers are not just parenting gurus; they are beacons of empowerment, blending traditional wisdom with modern insights to guide, inspire,…

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  8. Mental Health Resources for Black Teens

    As black mothers, finding mental health resources for black teens can be tough. Ensuring the mental health of our teenagers is both a priority and a challenge. To assist in this journey, several organizations offer invaluable mental health resources specifically tailored to the needs of black teens. This article highlights these resources, emphasizing their significance…

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  9. Starting an Online Business: Top 5 Ideas for Moms

    Starting an online business has become a beacon of hope and opportunity for many, especially for Black mothers striving for economic empowerment and flexibility. This guide, and the resources we have for entrepreneurs offers you five feasible online business ideas that you can start with little to no money, acknowledging the unique challenges Black women…

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  10. Essential Books for Young Adults Navigating Life

    Navigating Adulthood: Essential Books for Young Adults Giving our son books for young adults was a crucial part of his transition to adulthood mostly because he did not want to listen to us. This period is so critical in shape his future that we couldn’t just depend on us, his parents, to be his only…

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  11. 5 New Realities in Raising Young Adults

    Raising young adults in the current era is a journey marked by unique and unforeseen challenges. When our son turned 21 last year, we thought we were headed for utopia of being a care-free parent of an adults. We started reading books like crazy! Because we were so wrong! This critical life stage demands more…

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  12. 4 Must-Try Turkey Recipes by Black Chefs

    Here are 4 turkey recipes by Black Chefs because we know that you only want a culinary tradition of serving your family the most flavorful and juicy holiday turkey on Thanksgiving and every other day of the year. You’re in for a real treat! We’ve rounded up incredible turkey Recipes by Black Chefs that are…

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  13. 6 Ways to Find Joy After Divorce

    Welcome Mamas! If you are finding that you need some supports after experiencing a divorce, this is the space for you. As a mama who has experienced divorce, it is my goal to share the lessons I have learned with you so that you can step into your next season as the fierce, intelligent, beautiful,…

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  14. Resources for Black Entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh

    Black entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh can find it tough to navigate this challenging landscape. I’ve been a mompreneur in Pittsburgh for over a decade and still find it challenging in a city that often ignores the needs of African-American people. As a first-time, first generation entrepreneur, I’ve had to lean on many of the resources listed…

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  15. Big List of Charter Schools in Pittsburgh

    Charter schools in Pittsburgh offer a diverse range of educational experiences designed to meet the unique needs of their student populations. From focusing on environmental sustainability to integrating technology into the curriculum, these institutions provide alternatives to traditional public schooling. Especially beneficial for communities seeking specialized educational frameworks, charter schools in Pittsburgh can often afford…

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  16. Inspirational Quotes for Black Mompreneurs: Unlock Your Potential

    As a Black mompreneur, you’re juggling numerous roles—CEO, mother, partner, friend—and it’s vital to remain steadfast in your purpose and vision. To help you navigate this intricate landscape, we’ve compiled a list of empowering and motivational quotes. These inspirational quotes for Black mompreneurs serve as little anchors of wisdom to get you through the highs…

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  17. Turning 40? A Black Woman’s Guide

    Turning 40 is a significant milestone in a woman’s life, and it often comes with its own set of trials and tribulations. As Black mothers, the unique challenges we face can make this period even more daunting. However, embracing this phase with grace and resilience can lead to personal growth and fulfillment. When I was…

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  18. 10 Christmas Gifts for Mompreneurs from Brown Mamas

    We got you, use this as your ultimate guide for buying gifts for mompreneurs, Black mompreneurs to be specific. The holiday season is upon us, and let’s keep it real: Black mompreneurs, are not just balancing budgets and business plans; we’re also orchestrating our homes for the season of joy. Time is our most treasured…

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  19. Rehearsals Underway for 2023 Brown Mama Monologues

    The Brown Mama Monologues is not just a showcase. For four months our mamas are in the storytelling labratory. They are writing, journaling, meditating, building bonds and overcoming the emotions that led them to audition in the first place. Black mothers come to the Brown Mama Monologues hoping to share a part of themselves and…

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  20. mindset shifts

    3 Mindset Shifts to be the Best Black Mom to Your Kids

    Hey mama! Quick check-in. How’s your mindset these days? Especially with all that is going on in the world around us. It’s often hard to keep a positive outlook all the time. Heck, even half the time. I don’t believe anyone chooses to dwell in the negative. If you’re looking for some mindset shifts, I’m…

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  21. first time college essentials

    First Time College Essentials

    Do you have a high school senior who is college bound? Are you wondering what you should send with them? What to expect? And how to prepare? You are not alone sis! We have compiled some tips (from fellow brown mamas) on getting your graduate prepped and sent off to a good start. Check out…

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  22. life coach

    The Black Life Coach List

    Sometimes we feel stuck. Like we need direction. A boost, a push, a nudge… Whether it’s in your personal life or career, a life coach may be the answer you’re looking for. And maybe you’ve already figured out that part but finding one is the next step. Well, here you go! Below you will find…

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  23. back to school post-covid

    Helping Your Child Transition Back to School Post-COVID

    How prepared were you for the return back to school post-covid?  Whether you’re going from a fully remote to hybrid or even fully in person or a variation, here are some things you can do to help your child transition back to school. If you are a homeschooling mama, veteran or as a result of…

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  24. Brown Mamas is hiring

    We are growing! Brown Mamas is searching for team members to build the value and connectivity of our organization. Brown Mamas exist to elevate the collective Black mothering experience through tribe-building. We do this by creating online and offline safe spaces for our mothers, delivering innovative programming, connecting them with health, education and financial service…

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