What started out as a group of moms meeting at each other’s homes once a month has blossomed into a blog, brand and community of thousands of Black mothers called Brown Mamas.  Muffy started Brown Mamas because she wanted to make friends after moving back to her hometown of Pittsburgh from Brooklyn, New York (her husband’s childhood home). A once selfish motive has transformed into a private Facebook group that allows moms to vent, ask questions and love on each other.  One member is quoted as saying


Brown Mamas has created a community, bridged a gap in Pittsburgh’s Black community. It’s reclaimed the village that we used to have.


Initially, Brown Mamas served moms through monthly meet-ups.  With a goal of providing positive socialization opportunities to African-American mothers, Brown Mamas currently host quarterly Mamas’ Marketplace events, that allows moms the opportunity to gain access to resources that strengthen Black family ties under one roof, one day, each quarter.

SAHMs Meet up @ Children’s Museum

Triple B Farms

The Brown Mamas’ blog is a beacon to moms both near and far.  For moms in the Pittsburgh region, BrownMamas.com is full of resources on everything from breastfeeding to local events.  For moms moving to the region, Brown Mamas is a one-stop-shop for making friends, finding a school for your children or just finding out who’s who in the Steel City.  In addition, Muffy has worked on social media campaigns for brands like JCPenney, Bolthouse Farms, Ikea, Northwood Realthy and more. 

Building the Brown Mamas tribe has afforded Muffy many opportunities.  From giving a TEDx Talk to rehabbing a vacant lot and having her book featured at the 2018 Essence Festival, creating this community of Black mothers has been a growth experience for Muffy.



The Brown Mamas’ brand is also expanding.  The first annual Brown Mama Monologues debuted in 2018 to a crowd of over 200 Pittsburgh-area moms.  Ten African-American mothers took to the stage to share their unique mothering stories. From being a Black stay-at-home mom to losing a husband to gun violence and giving birth in a foreign land, these Brown Mamas gave a vibrant depiction of what it means to be a Black mother in America.  In 2019, the show will return to the Pittsburgh region and debut in the DC Metro region.


Simply put, Brown Mamas is not just a brand, a blog or even a community.  Brown Mamas is a movement that plants firmly the idea that Black moms are capable of creating the change we want to see.

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