Brown Mamas was founded on the idea that Black moms need Black moms. Muffy Mendoza founded Brown Mamas when she moved back to the Pittsburgh region after living in Brooklyn for a few years. Migrating back to the region in 2012 with a husband and three kids in tow, she was searching for a community of like-minded women to share her motherhood journey with.

It wasn’t long before she found her tribe with 7 women in her living room. What started as just a few women meeting monthly at Muffy’s home, at local events and at community spaces around the city ballooned into an online and in-person community of thousands of moms in just 5 years.

Today, Brown Mamas is nearly a household name in the Pittsburgh community and is reaching it’s tentacles outside of the region with budding interest from moms outside of the Western PA ready to start their own mothering communities.

The BrownMamas.com website reaches thousands of readers each month, the group has hosted The Brown Mama Monologues, an annual showcase that amplifies the voices of everyday Black mothers, to sold-out crowds two years in a row and Muffy has pinned a book series that focuses Black moms on their lives, love and their homes, called the Brown Mama Mindset.

In the past Brown Mamas has received support from The Pittsburgh Foundation, The Opportunity Fund, The Sprout Fund, Awesome Pittsburgh, New Sun Rising’s Vibrancy Award (our fiscal sponsor) and the Heinz Endowments to implement projects and programming that leads to better life outcomes for Black mothers.

In addition, Muffy has worked as an influencer with major brands like Common Sense Media, Bolthouse Farms, Xfinity, Starkist and more. She’s become an expert at marketing and influencing within the Black mothering community, with a nationally well-known name to boot.

Brown Mamas has worked to amplify the voices of Black mothers in local media as well. The community has been featured in articles in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Magazine and North Side Chronicle, as well as CBS’s Lynn Hayes-Freeland Show.

Most importantly, Brown Mamas is connecting moms to other moms everyday. It has become a space and place that moms can visit to hear from one another, share stories, vent and get advice. Check out this video to hear what the Brown Mamas community has meant to Black moms in the Pittsburgh region.

Our Mission

Brown Mamas exist to provide positive socialization opportunities for Black mothers and connect them with the resources, information and village they need to raise happy, health adults and remain happy, healthy women beyond motherhood.

Our Vision

Brown Mamas knows that by making Black moms better moms, dads become better dads, children become better adults and, ultimately, communities become whole communities where Black families can thrive.

Our Values

Brown Mamas values:

  • Nurturing strong relationships between mothers and their children
  • Strengthening and expanding the village of support for moms
  • Empowering successful parenting alliances
  • Ensuring Black moms can thrive beyond their motherhood journey

Email us at hello@brownmamas.com to learn more about our community.