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What Every Mama Should Know Before Becoming a Work at Home Mom

Deciding to be a life-long work at home mom has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my life.  However, there are a ton of things I wish I would have known before I decided to do it.  Being a work at home mom has made my life fuller in so many ways.  I...


Helping Your Child Transition Back to School Post-COVID

How prepared were you for the return back to school post-covid?  Whether you’re going from a fully remote to hybrid or even fully in person or a variation, here are some things you can do to help your child transition back to school. If you are a homeschooling mama, veteran or as a result of...

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Brown Mamas’ Guide to Black Doulas in Pittsburgh

Our city is awakening to the power of Black Doulas in Pittsburgh. It is an exciting time for these front-line workers who are literally preserving our future with their hands. Brown Mamas is all about making sure that when you want to support Black women you can, so we made this list of Black doulas...


15 Homeschooling Subscription Boxes

Whether you are new to the homeschooling journey or a veteran, I'm sure you know variety and creativity are key. And when those "keys" are created by someone else (with you in mind).. that's a lifesaver!


The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Black Moms

Finding a gift for moms is hard. Finding a gift for Black moms is even harder. We know this, that’s why we got you covered. From mindful moms to fitness moms and moms who love books, we have curated the Ultimate list of gifts that will inspire and excite the Black mama on your list...


Brown Mamas Learning Cooperative

Learning can happen anytime and anywhere. Although this school year has been tough for many due to COVID-19, there are still opportunities for our children to engage with one another, knowledgeable adults and the outside world. Brown Mamas is trying it’s best to galvanize some of the resources our community has available with it’s Learning...


What does it mean to teach kids social justice?

What does it mean to teach kids social justice and injustice? In my humble opinion, it has a lot to do with showing and modeling for children equitable ways to socialize in our society. When we think of socializaiton we think of a few things. The ways we work and the opportunities we have access...


Brown Mamas Teach, Brown Mamas Earn

One of Muffy’s main goals as a community leader and advocate for Black families is to encourage a paradigm shift in the way Black adults think about how children learn and the environments that encourage learning in their children. In that spirit, we will launch our first learning initiative, Brown Mamas Teach, Brown Mamas Earn....


Tips on Teaching Black Children Emotional Literacy

In an age of increased racial tension and uncertainty, teaching Black children emotional literacy and intelligence is crucial. What words can black children use to express microagressions? How should they process feelings of anxiety? How can children of the African Diaspora develop and maintain racial and cultural pride when the world seems to be fighting...


5 FREE Online Activities to Teach Black History to Kids

Finding resources to teach Black history to kids can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Trust me, I know. After 5 years of homeschooling, it is only now that resources are beginning to abound that assist in structured learning around African-American history, culture and modern cultural norms. As an ambassador for WideOpenSchool.org,...


Gardening and Learning to Trust Black Children

Homeschooling and gardening are two things that come natural to the Mendoza household. I started gardening with my kids back in 2013. It would be about 18 months later that I pulled my kids out of school and began homeschooling my three boys full-time. There is something freeing about growing your own food. The realization...


Plan Your ENTIRE Homeschool Week in One Hour

Homeschool planning is my least favorite part of learning with my children as a lifestyle. Some days I wake up not knowing what I want to wear, let alone what I want to teach. I’m always searching for ways to make homeschool planning easy, and ways to allow my kids more control and responsibility over...


A Beautiful Mess, Stories to Fuel Your Coronacation

Over the next few days, we will be sharing stories from the Brown Mamas’ community about how moms black moms are coping during COVID-19. Follow us with the #SheQuarantines or #BrownMamas. by Leah Walker Every day I awake with an anxious and uneasy feeling about what I NEED to accomplish. The laundry NEEDS to be...


5 Ways to Anchor Your Daily Homeschool Schedule

Your daily homeschool schedule or routine is the very foundation of your life when you are a homeschooler. It dictates and determines your direction for the day, but what I’ve found is that most folks spend way too much time complicating this schedule. Instead of trying to come up with a super structured homeschool regimine,...


Brown Mamas’s Guide to Deschooling

Learning does not need to be labor intensive.  In fact, learning is best done with ease and intrigue.  Moms, dads and kids learn best when they are highly interested and unforced.  That is what deschooling is all about.  Whether you are a reluctant homeschooler, have found yourself in the house with your kids and are...


4 EASY, Fun STEAM Projects for Kids at Home

The Corona is upon us sis! What is a mama to do. Not much, that is what she is to do. Let sis conserve her energy by finding some easy, but guided, way to spend mommy and me time with her kiddos while they’re hunkering down for this shut down. Milk & Dish Soap Experiment...


10 Podcast for Black Moms in the Struggle

10 PODCASTS EVERY BLACK MOM SHOULD LISTEN TO Podcast that provide knowledge and information are officially on every mama’s to-do list. As mommies, we often have short or insufficient time for frivolous acts or any extra activity, podcasts are an easy way for us to nourish our minds with very little fuss. You can listen...


5 MLK Quotes Every Kid Should Know

Here are a few MLK Quotes for kids. An easy way to help your children remember the words of our peaceful fallen leader is to have them recite his quotes daily.  As part of our homeschool curriculum, we recite the words of MLK and other African leaders daily. As African-American people whose history is not...


10 Gifts Every Black Homeschooler will Love

For homeschoolers the holiday season is a time for reflection. Many of us take a break during the month of December and re-organize our curricula, evaluate our children’s performance and take a much needed mental break. When you’re considering your loved ones who may be homeschooling in-color, it might seem as if we have everything....


How Our Family is Creating Memories & Traditions with Pittsburgh Theater

For the last five years, my boys and I have been creating memories and building bonds by attending various plays and performances at The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust theaters and venues. I took my oldest son to see The Lion King in 2008, this year I had the full circle moment of taking my younger sons...


8 Events, Retreats & Conferences Every Black Mother Should Attend

Conferences for black women are on the rise. Whether you are a mama who’s looking to level up professionally, make mom friends, be surrounded by your people or just relax, relate and retreat, it’s uber important that Black moms keep expanding their personal and professional villages. This list of conferences for Black women, who are...

Guides, Homeschool

The Best Way to Find Family Fun In Pittsburgh

When my family moved back to Pittsburgh after living in NYC for 5 years, finding family fun in Pittsburgh was at the top of our priority list. We love biking, exploring new parks, couples adventures and creating experiences in science and art for our children. Upon our return, Kidsburgh.org was just getting it’s wings as...


Our Homeschool Field Trip to MuseumLab

Homeschool field trip ideas can prove scarce when you’ve been doing it for 5 years. But, alas a new option has arrived in Pittsburgh. Record a mock podcast, experiment with virtual reality, write a book and learn how to bind it, code your very own adventure game and do a woodworking project are all activities...


10 African-Centered Curriculum for Black Homeschoolers

I meet families all the time that are searching for African-Centered Curriculum. The involvement of African-American families in homeschooling has become palpable. Homeschooling is as old as time and many Black families are adopting it instead of the traditional schooling system. Academic interest in homeschooling has spiked over the last decade. Black families are taking...


What’s Unschooling & Should Black People Do It?

People ask me all the time “What’s Unschooling”? I know that people who visit our house on a regular think that we don’t do anything all day with our kids.  If you visit my house after 1 pm, it’s very likely that my kids will be: Playing video games (primarily)Running around my house being very...

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