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5 Black Women in Tech Development

  1. 5 Black Women in Tech Development

    These 5 Black women in tech and many others have played pivotal roles in shaping history and inspiring generations with their remarkable achievements and contributions. Celebrate our remarkable sistas by reading about their achievements surrounding and doing activities commemorating them. Now, let’s celebrate the legacies of these extraordinary individuals who have left an indelible mark…
  2. Ideas for Mother's Day outings

    Ideas For Mother’s Day Outings

    These ideas for Mother’s Day outings offer the perfect chance for black moms to bond with their families and make lasting memories. Planning a special day out allows us to celebrate the love and connection we share with our loved ones. Need a gift to couple with the perfect day? Click here for our 5…
  3. 5 Black-Owned Fashion Brands

    5 Black-Owned Fashion Brands

    As black woman, we understand the importance of not only finding resources that are for us, but supporting businesses that uplift our community as well. Whether it’s clothing, shoes or beauty products that are made by us for us. That’s why I’m excited to highlight 5 black-owned fashion brands that are making waves in the…
  4. 5 Spring Family Activities

    5 Spring Activities For Families in Pittsburgh

    Spring is the perfect time for families to engage in these 5 spring activities for families in Pittsburgh. As the weather warms and nature blooms, creating memorable experiences with our loved ones becomes even more meaningful. Family time is essential for nurturing bonds and creating lasting memories. In fact it provides an opportunity for black…
  5. Mother's Day Gifts for Black Moms

    Mother’s Day Gifts for Black Moms

    Mother’s Day gifts for black moms hold special significance in our hearts and homes. As black women, our journey through motherhood is unique, filled with both joy and challenges. It’s essential to choose gifts that honor our strength, resilience, and love. Empowering Choices for Mother’s Day When selecting Mother’s Day gifts for black moms, we…
  6. beauty for black moms

    Beauty for Black Moms: Self-Care and Confidence

    Beauty for Black moms encompasses more than just outward appearance; it’s about embracing self-care rituals, celebrating cultural heritage, and fostering confidence in every aspect of life. From skincare routines to haircare regimens, Black mothers deserve to prioritize their well-being and feel empowered in their own skin. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of beauty…
  7. Makeup Tutorials for Black Women

    Makeup Tutorials for Black Women: Empowering Beauty

    Makeup tutorials and brands tailored to Black Women offer invaluable guidance and inspiration, showcasing techniques and products that complement their unique skin tones and features. From achieving the perfect foundation match to mastering eyeshadow looks that pop, these tutorials celebrate diversity and empower Black Women to express their individuality through makeup. Whether it’s embracing natural…
  8. Top 6 Black Beauty Brands

    Top 6 Black Beauty Brands

    In an industry often dominated by mainstream brands, Black-owned beauty brands and routines catered towards black woman are making significant strides in promoting inclusivity and representation. These businesses, owned and operated by Black individuals, offer innovative products tailored to the diverse needs and preferences of Black consumers. From skincare solutions to makeup essentials, these companies…
  9. Top 5 Black Beauty Influencers

    Top 5 Black Beauty Influencers: Celebrating Diversity

    In the world of beauty and cosmetics, representation matters. Black beauty influencers play a pivotal role in reshaping beauty standards and empowering women of color to embrace their unique features and identities. From skincare tips to makeup tutorials, these influencers use their platforms to celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity in the beauty industry. In this…
  10. Beauty Routines for New Moms

    Beauty Routines for New Moms

    Navigating the whirlwind of motherhood can be both rewarding and exhausting, leaving little time for self-care. However, implementing a beauty routine can provide a much-needed moment of relaxation and rejuvenation for new moms. From skincare rituals to quick makeup hacks, prioritizing self-care can help new moms feel confident and empowered in their new roles. In…

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