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The Discipline Disconnect: Moms with Boys

  1. The Discipline Disconnect: Moms with Boys

    Moms with sons can be assured of two things in their momlife.  The first thing is that they will have a love for their sons that is remarkable.  The second is that at some point you will not know what to do with your son. The topic of whether or not single Black moms can raise good…
  2. Mama’s Guide to Tween Boys & Puberty

    My teenage boy is officially going through puberty. Everything in my world came to a screeching halt last week when my son walked in the kitchen as I was stewing chicken and said “So mom I kind of just don’t understand what this intimacy thing is all about.  Do you think we could watch a video about…
  3. Single Moms, Please Be Soft With Your Sons

    I remember being a single mom just like it was yesterday, it was just me and him.  To this day, he knows me better than anybody.  Often when I’m in a bad mood my oldest son is the one who tells everybody: just leave mommy alone she needs her space.  He also knows how to…

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