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blog 4 Ways to Trick Your Man into Losing Weight

A great deal of what a man does is determined by what he does, and does not, eat.   Think about it like this, most men watch the game and do what?  They eat.  Hence all of the hoopla around game-day snacks.  Other times men come home from work and what’s the first thing they do?  They look on the fridge and on the stove, if they’re anything like my husband.  So, women can utilize a man’s eating activities to get rid of the weight we tend to pack on when in a relationship.  You’ve already got him to love you, now it’s time to help him get back to feeling like the man he was before he married you.  By feeding your man the right foods you can determine his sexual vitality, get him to do more work around the house and most importantly make sure he stays around to help in the raising and rearing of all your babies.  Here are 4 ways to trick your man with food.

1. Does your man love cereal?

Mine does.  He eats Captain Crunch like it’s going out of style, but a little box of flax seed can go a long way.  In addition to making him fuller faster, Men’s Fitness magazine says flax seed results in lower blood pressure, aids in keeping skin moisturized and prevents prostate cancer.  So, take the bag (or box) of Captain Crunch and sprinkle it with flax seed.  It’s something really easy you can do that requires little to no preparation.  And because flax seed basically has no taste in small quantities, your man won’t even know it’s there.  Once he’s eaten it several times without knowing, tell him.  Make sure you let him know the benefits of eating flax seed and be sure he passes the life-saving ingredient down to the children.

2. Smoothies for breakfast.

So juicing is trending right now. Everyone is liquefying their fruits and vegetable, and for good reason.  While Americans, especially men, might not be so fond of picking up a peach it turns out we love smoothies.  And, all you need is a blender.  If you’re man is fighting eczema, try making him a strawberry-banana smoothie with avocado, which has tons of omega-3 fats in it.  As long as you are sure to add a little apples, mango, or sweet peach to each smoothie your man will never know you’ve added kale greens, avocado, beets, radish or even garlic.

3. Is he a snacker?

Fine make  lots of them.  I mean pack your fridge with snacks.  From all-fruit popsicles, to homemade beef patties and oatmeal cookies.  The thing is not to make him feel deprived.  A lot of times we fail at getting our men  to transition into healthy diets because there is nothing in the fridge for them.  So, in result they feel like they’re not getting anything to eat, and they rush to vending machines and corner stores to make up for what they’re not getting at home.

The trick is to make snacks for them.  Rather than buying oatmeal cream pies, granola bars and baked chips (which are are full of genetically modified who knows what), make them snacks that they can grab out the fridge.  Keeping a fruit salad, baked oatmeal cookies and sherbet in your fridge goes a long way in changing your man’s eating habits.  As long as they can never say those magic words, “When you going to the store,” they’re feel like they’re getting something in exchange for eating healthier.

4. Make Cooking in the Kitchen Sexy.

When was the last time you and your man had time in the kitchen together.  After you make salad and sandwiches for your kid’s dinner, clean-up the kitchen and join your man in the kitchen for some adult time.

In African-American communities, cooking is ritualistic.  That means that we have the power to gain life rhythms  from the act of cooking.

So, get your man in the kitchen and let him hug you while you dice onions.  Make your meal time a period of peace and coupling romance.  It helps your man to understand that eating is not just about enjoying food, but that it is also about enjoying life.

Hope this helps!  Tell me mamas, how are you transitioning your man’s eating habits?

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