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Brown Mamas Accepted into Facebook Community Accelerator Program

  1. Brown Mamas Accepted into Facebook Community Accelerator Program

    We are excited and honored to announce that Brown Mamas has been accepted into Facebook’s Community Accelerator Program.
  2. #GoodMama LaTasha Goes from Selfish to Selfless through Motherhood

    She’s the coupon queen here in Pittsburgh. LaTasha is well known for her frugally fantastic personality and the luxurious looks she creates at her beauty salon.  I’ve only heard and seen great things from LaTasha.  We recently met face-to-face for the first time and I instantly recognized that there’s a lot I can learn from…
  3. 5 Healthy Hair Rules Our Mamas Didn’t Know About

    It’s been a long time coming, but finally many of us brown mamas are making our way back to long (or short if we want it), healthy hair.  In order for us to do that, we’ve had to throw out many of the old-school rules that were snatching off our edges and clogging up our scalps.  But the…
  4. #GoodMama Muffy Falls in Love with Motherhood

    I’ve shared many of our mamas stories over the last few months, and have finally decided to share mines.  Here’s my motherhood journey. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more stories of amazing mamas of color from Pittsburgh.  My motherhood journey is not all roses and lollipops, but I’m still kicking and…
  5. Easy Eating: Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Soup

    Saturday is a day to relax.  So around 4 pm when your tummy starts to rumble and the kids begin to say those two magic words, “I’m hungry,” us brown mamas have no desire to pull out the spices, heat up the oven or boil any water.  But, thanks to the god’s of the deli…
  6. 5 Steps Toward Complimentarity in a Relationship

    1. Keep Each Other Sharp While I do agree that men are better at mowing grass and taking out the garbage, I also believe that any job a man can do, a woman should also be able to do.  A big part of keeping your marriage together and sharp (meaning its fresh, challenging and progressive) is that…
  7. Are Your Children’s Mistakes Becoming Your Baggage?

    Welcome to Living with Soul! Enjoy!  
  8. #GoodMama Kamila Lays a Good Foundation through Motherhood

    Kamila is one of the courageous moms who stepped up to the challenge of the #GoodMama campaign and is sharing her mothering journey with the world.  Having recently dropped her oldest son off at college, she has reached a milestone that, I’m sure, at one time seemed impossible.  Kamila’s story goes to show that when moms…
  9. 5 Ways You Know You’re Raising a Good Kid

    So around the time you’re kid turns about 12 most brown mamas begin to ask themselves (on a regular basis) am I doing a good job.  Is my daughter or son going to be a good adult?  Well it turns out there are some pretty sure fire ways (at least I think) to determine a…
  10. Braid Your Summer Plants Instead of Cutting for Fall Clean-up

    Rather than cutting back your summer flowers after they’ve yellowed and began to wilt due to the cool air blowing into your neighborhood, try this quick and easy braid and bantu knot method.

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