Black homeschooling is on the rise.  Many Black parents cite the number one reason they are homeschooling as to instill a sense of racial identity (i.e. Black pride) in their kids.  Research is now showing there is reason for Black parents to be concerned about white-washed curriculum that do not affirm the existence of Black excellence or acknowledge the presence of African-American history prior to slavery and colonialism.  In addition, a lack of consistent opportunities for community engagement available for Black children has proved to be a detriment to cultural and educational achievement for our Black children.

Dr. James Hughley, University of Pittsburgh professor and co-founder of the Pittsburgh Parenting Project, completed a study that showed Black children do better in school when they are instilled with a sense of racial pride.  Dr. Hughley spoke with Muffy during an episode of The Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast.


You can read more about instilling racial pride in our kids in Muffy’s book The Brown Mama Mindset: A Blueprint for Black moms on Life, Love & Home.

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Cynthia Mendoza

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