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blog #GoodMama Ama Shines Through Motherhood

Ama probably doesn’t even remember when I first met her.  But, I remember very clearly.  It was a few years after I gave birth to my first son.  I was returning to Macedonia Baptist Church for the first time in a few years, and she was the first person who greeted me. No one else remembered me, or even paid me any attention.  Ama didn’t even know me from a can of paint.  But she was super nice to me.  She answered all of my questions about what was going on at the church and assisted me in finding some of my old buddies.  I didn’t know it then, but it speaks volumes now as to why she’s a great mother.  This woman just seems so full of life and love and is ready to give it away.  So, let’s give her a round of applause as she journeys through motherhood.

1. When did you first became a mom and how did you feel?

While my little darling arrived on March 21, 2013, just 3 hours after my birthday :-), I feel like I became a mother during my second trimester when his presence in my body became evident. He was moving around and kicking. I loved it! I was overwhelmed with joy and fear all at the same time.


Ama & Joaquin

2. How do your feelings about motherhood differ now?

I think that my determination to provide a good life for my son has grown 100 fold since that time.  The realization that he depends on me for everything pushes my desire to do better and better.

3. What makes you a #GoodMama?

I am a #GoodMama because everything I do is an attempt to make life better for my son.  I create a safe, loving and nurturing environment for my baby to grow and learn. As long as I’m alive he will know without a doubt he is loved and that I am here for him.

4. What are some common misconceptions that moms-of-color deal with?

That we do not provide certain elements of nurture and love for our children. That we do not read to children at bed time and take the time to teach our babies.  Brown Mamas website and fb page dispels all of these misconceptions!

5. What advice would you give to a new mom?

I would tell them to be patient and enjoy every moment and phase that their baby goes through. I couldn’t wait for my baby to crawl and then walk and now that he’s right on the verge of talking I so miss my little infant baby (although this stage is so much fun!).

6. Tell us your funniest mommy moment.

There are so many but the funniest is when my baby saw Despicable Me 2 for the first time and the song happy came on.  If you could have seen his face!  He jumped up and started dancing, arms raised in the air bouncing at the knees!  It was the funniest thing I’d ever seen. 
Ama is also the owner of LuTress Premium Hair Extensions. Check out her website. If you’d like to be featured in our #GoodMama campaign please email Cindy at pghbrownmamas@gmail.com.

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