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blog #GoodMama Latifa Gives her ALL to Motherhood

Latifa and her son, Naim, 14

1. When did you first become a mom and how did it make you feel?

I first became a mom in 2000, and I felt amazing. I loved holding my son close and cherished looking in his eyes. I loved his toothless smile too! I was devoted to him at all cost and I realized I was now accountable to my legacy.

2. How do your feelings about motherhood differ now?

Fourteen years in I still take it seriously, I’ve relaxed a bit.  There will never be a manual, but I know that even with our mistakes he won’t break. I love motherhood and wish I’d had more children to raise. My son is a joy to my life and can be the glue on a rough day. As women we have so very much to give. Our wisdom is priceless and motherhood has provided so many teachable moments.

3. What makes you a #goodmama?

I give it my all!! I know that he only gets one Momma so I try my best. When I mess up I say sorry & keep it moving. From his conception I’ve trusted God to get us through and will continue to so just that.

4.  Why do you think Black moms get a bad rep in American society?

Other cultures misunderstand us and  think that recent generations simply represent bad parenting, but the break down we’ve seen over the years represents so much more. Unfortunately, too often moms get the blame.
We’ve been taught to bury our hurt, pain and issues and have raised kids though  poverty, abuse of all kinds, neglect, abandonment, addiction and often times through post-traumatic stress and undiagnosed mental health issues. Momma wasn’t always whole and got a bad rap when she needed help, love and practical solutions.
I admire the strength of the mothers of our past and present and hope to do my part to help mold the parents of our future.

5. What piece of advice would you give to another mama?

Pray for guidance, listen with love, teach without fear and never stop parenting your kids. Their needs will change with the seasons but they will always need you . The unconditional love of a parent is priceless. P.S. Don’t cuss at your kids. It toughens their skin in ways you may later regret.



Latifa also started an organization called Daughters of Zion designed to be a catalyst for change in the lives of African-American young women.  Check out their Facebook page by clicking here.

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