When I first laid eyes on Marcia’s embroidered layette that she made for one of the newest additions to my family, I thought, “I have to put this on the site.”  The amount of detailing and time she puts into her embroidered “obsessions,” as she call them is simply magnificent.  Plus, she says it was all inspired by her kids.  Check out Marcia, owner of MC Obsessions.


Marcia’s family, husband, Curtis, son, Clayton & daughter, Caitlyn

So Marcia, how did motherhood inspire your business?

I wanted to show my children to always reach for your dream. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Also, I love creating things for them, to see their faces when I make something just for them melts my heart. 

What exactly is MC Obsessions?

First off, I have ADHD when it comes to crafts. I’ve been a baker, made posters and tons of other arts-related stuff.  So when my husband and I got married, I made everything.  I made every single item from the bouquets, to table linens and placement cards and invitations. And, my sons birthday parties were always over the top with handmade everything.  People would always ask who made this stuff and my husband would that I made everything.  My husband was like, “you need to start selling this stuff.”  Now, I basically embroider anything.  With MC Obsession, I embroider bags, bibs, burp clothes, layettes and gowns and teddy bears. I even started doing framed embroidered birth and wedding announcements.  Now, that I’ve got focused, business is going great.


Marcia, Clayton and Caitlyn

What makes you a #goodmama? 

I would say my devotion to my children they are my heart and soul. I wake-up everyday for them. I want to lead them by example.

How do your feelings about motherhood differ now from when you first became a mom?

I say all the time that I am not the same woman my husband married.  I used to want to be like ‘Mary Jane,’ a CEO by the time I was 30.  But, my struggle to have children definitely changed that.  I miscarried twins before I was able to get pregnant with my daughter. Now that I have two kids and a husband who loves me, my family is the reason I am who I am.

Here is a little sample of Marcia’s awesome work at MC Obsessions! Visit her Etsy store for more and Click Here to enter a giveaway for an embroidered bib and burp cloth.

 Find Marcia and MC Obsessions on FacebookEtsy or contact her by email at mcobsessions@gmail.com.


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