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4 EASY, Fun STEAM Projects for Kids at Home

The Corona is upon us sis! What is a mama to do. Not much, that is what she is to do. Let sis conserve her energy by finding some easy, but guided, way to spend mommy and me time with her kiddos while they’re hunkering down for this shut down.

Milk & Dish Soap Experiment

All you need for this easy STEAM activity is some milk, food color and dish washing liquid. The colors are beautiful and the reaction is magical. I’ve listed a link to a free guide for the experiment below.

How it works

Quandry Online Game

This isn’t a physical experiment, but it is a virtual one. Kids get to navigate an uknown world that works like the Chronicles of Narnia. They must use their skills of selection and persuasion to see if their social experiments will save their village. My boys love this game. They finished it in about 2 weeks. Right in-time for your corona woes to be over.

Website Link. No set-up required.

Crash Course Kids: Molecules

Crash course has a ton of videos for kids of all ages. Teachers pay Teachers has worksheets and lesson plans for each one of their videos. Whether you’re exploring why plants need dirt, going on a trip to Mars or finding out how water travels through out Earth, Crash Course Kids & Teachers Pay Teachers has you covered. Check out the links below.

Free Worksheets & Short Lesson Plan

FREE Art Projects

Art is one of the easiest ways to keep your kids occupied post Coronapocalyse. YouTube Creators do a hell of a job making the instructions and steps easy to follow. My boys love origami, mostly paper airplanes and animals. Check out this starter origami below. The link below also has a ton of art projects to choose from.

Free Art Projects Folder

Hope this helps Mama! Keep your home Corona-free in the meantime by washing your hands and avoiding contact with others when you can. Have a great two weeks off!

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