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4 Must Have Apps for Moms

I’m always on the search for apps for moms. I use my apps for everything from finding sales, to writing notes and blocking my son from finding boobs online.  If you are not using your cell phone for good by having an aresenal of on-demand apps to help you stay efficient, you’re missing out.  Here is Brown Mamas’ list of 4 must-have apps for moms.

One Note

I LOVE One Note.  So, I’m at Target last week with the goal of making sure each of my rooms has heavy curtains by November 1. One Note was so my best friend that day.  Not only had I wrote down all of the measurements for each of my windows in One Note, but while I was in the store I took pics of each curtain rod I found and added audio commentary about the pricing and quality of each item.  The beauty of One Note is that it gets all of my mental clutter into one app that syncs to my computer.  So, guess what was waiting for me when I sat down to do my comparison shopping online later that evening?  Yes, all of my info was neatly synced on my desktop via One Note.

It also separates all your list in Notebooks.  You can have a Notebook for work, home or your garden.  One Note basically allows me to throw up all of my mind clutter (from speeches to blog post and grocery list) into one seamlessly available cloud.  Plus, it’s compatible with all your devices.

net-nannyNet Nanny

Moms with kids above 9-years-old must have this app: Net Nanny.  It works to block inappropriate information on cell phones, computers, tablets and pretty much any device.  It blocks inappropriate language (in texts too), videos, websites and the app makers are working toward making social media safe for our kids too.  As of now, it can only block inappropriate words on social media.  For $12 per year, Net Nanny keeps your teenager’s cellphone PG.

Net Nanny is so good, your kid might not even want the cell phone when she’s done with it.   Their cell phone basically becomes your cell phone, and they can’t even access the settings to do anything about it.  My son has given up trying.  Even though Net Nanny sends you weekly emails and alerts anytime inappropriate content is attempted, I barely view the weekly email because my 13-year-old has lost all hope and only looks up PG content.  Yup, Net Nanny takes all the hope out of a teenagers devilish plans to view T&A or even check Worldstar Hip-Hop. In addition, the phone settings are off-limits and password protected. I guard our Net Nanny password so rigorously that half the time I forget it and have to change the password, but that strategy works because no one knows it but me. This is an awesome app for moms.


As you ladies may or may not know, I homeschool my boys.  Since I’m the teacher now, it’s my job to provide my children with optimal learning Flipp_main_pageexperiences.  As of now, I’m searching for a fire pit, on discount of course.  I want my boys to have the ultimate marshmallow roasting, stories around the fire experience right in their own backyard this fall.  In this venture, Flipp has been priceless.  Flipp is an app that stores all of the sales papers for a multitude of stores in your area right on your cellphone.  From Giant Eagle to Dick’s to Gamestop & Home Depot.  Flipp puts all your sales papers in one spot.  Comparison shopping, couponing and just knowing what’s on sale becomes a breeze with this app.  Flipp sends you a notification each week when your weekly sales adds are available and allows you to virtually clip coupons and stores them in one spot.

Now, I saved the best for last:

 [callout title=’Flipp Feature’ text=’Flipp does coupon matching for you! That means it matches sales paper coupons with deals from various sales papers. For instances, if there is a coupon in your local ads for $1.25 off of Band Aids, Flipp will match the coupon with an ad from Family Dollar that has Band-Aids on sale for $1.75. So, you end up paying $.50 for the item. YASSSSS, Honey! Flipp did that!’ button_text=’Go to Coupon Class’ button_link=’https://www.facebook.com/intercessors?fref=ts’]

Now for this beautiful piece of information we owe a round of applause to Brown Mama Latasha, aka Pittsburgh’s Coupon Diva; who happens to hold Coupon classes once a month! If you like saving money like I do, get at her.


Wunderlist is wunderful! My stepmom found this app on a Today Show segment and introduced it to me.  I’ve been using it ever since. It’s basically a very awesome tool for task management.  I put honey-do list, chores for my boys and my errands list in Wunderlist and set a deadline for task completion.  All you have to do is invite your family members to download the app and it automatically notifies them of the chores that need to be done and even sends them reminders and warnings of deadlines.  Wunderlist is very user-friendly and easy to use.  It’s a very simple app  for moms that makes task management easy for people like me who would forget their heads if they weren’t attached to their bodies.

There ya go mamas.  Hope this helps and don’t forget to pin this to your Pinterest Board. [icon name=”fa-pinterest” size=”18px” color=”#dd1c1c” link=””] APPSFORMOMS  

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  1. Eric says:

    Elite Keylogger is another great tool for parents https://www.elitekeyloggers.com/

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