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7 Hobbies Any Woman Can Start Now!

  1. 7 Hobbies Any Woman Can Start Now!

    You’re ready for a hobby now?  Well you’re in the right place. Here is a list of seven hobbies any woman can start right now?   Collect something.  Whether its wine, stamps, old radios, just collect something that makes sparks your interest. Start reading.  If you’re children are older or you have some spare time,…
  2. Why Every Black Mother Should Have a Hobby

    Over the last few years I’ve unknowingly developed several hobbies.  I think there’s just something about getting older that makes us say “Screw everybody else, let me do what I want to do.”  For me, that has manifested itself in everything from painting my walls to wreath making, gardening and African-drumming.  The first hobby I…

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