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#GoodMama Muffy Falls in Love with Motherhood

  1. #GoodMama Muffy Falls in Love with Motherhood

    I’ve shared many of our mamas stories over the last few months, and have finally decided to share mines.  Here’s my motherhood journey. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more stories of amazing mamas of color from Pittsburgh.  My motherhood journey is not all roses and lollipops, but I’m still kicking and…
  2. #GoodMama De’Saundra Lives Up to Motherhood’s Expectations

    De’Saundra is one of my mommy mentors.  We work together at American Urban Radio Networks and during the time we were on the morning shift together, she was more like my mom than my supervisor.  She gave me words of encouragement and wisdom, and I really look up to her.  I love the way she handles…
  3. 5 Steps Toward Kitchen Serenity

    It is Wednesday.  Nationally known as #humpday.  Known by all mamas as the day we don’t want to cook.  I usually order pizza, or some form of takeout, on Wednesday and Friday.  But tightening budgets have required me to rethink that approach and slim down my family takeout to just Friday.  (Cause you know I”m…
  4. Living With Soul : Do Black Women Have a Competition Problem [WATCH]

    “Living with Soul” is a bi-weekly show that airs every other Sunday on BrownMamas.com.  The purpose of this show is to help moms-of-color live their lives in a way that is worthy of their children’s admiration.
  5. #GoodMama Nichole Gives Her Best with God’s Help

    How did you feel when you first became a mother? When I first became a mom I felt fairly confident. Mostly because I didn’t know how much work being a mom would be.  Being a mom also gave me a reason to get all of my ducks in order. I felt a lot of support…
  6. Two Down, One to Go…How I Got My Girls to College

    By: Rhonda Hall Over the weekend, I moved my second daughter (the petite morsel on the right) into a dorm on a college campus.  Here I am, a former teen parent and single mom, accomplishing the feat of sending two girls off to four year institutions. Statistically, this should not be happening.  Statistics say, the cycle should be repeated. …
  7. 5 Life Skills Tweens Should Learn

    So, it’s officially summer time.  While many mamas are finally taking a sigh of relief, for those of us who have tween children (i.e. boys and girls between the ages of 10-14) the works is just beginning.  (At least for me it has.)  This week my son are starting what I am calling his ‘Life…

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