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Essential Books for Young Adults Navigating Life

  1. Essential Books for Young Adults Navigating Life

    Navigating Adulthood: Essential Books for Young Adults Giving our son books for young adults was a crucial part of his transition to adulthood mostly because he did not want to listen to us. This period is so critical in shape his future that we couldn’t just depend on us, his parents, to be his only…
  2. 5 New Realities in Raising Young Adults

    Raising young adults in the current era is a journey marked by unique and unforeseen challenges. When our son turned 21 last year, we thought we were headed for utopia of being a care-free parent of an adults. We started reading books like crazy! Because we were so wrong! This critical life stage demands more…
  3. The Discipline Disconnect: Moms with Boys

    Moms with sons can be assured of two things in their momlife.  The first thing is that they will have a love for their sons that is remarkable.  The second is that at some point you will not know what to do with your son. The topic of whether or not single Black moms can raise good…
  4. 5 Ways to Avoid Teenager Problems This Summer

      There is nothing worse than teenager problems in the summer time.  As the elders say, idle time is the devil’s time. (Especially, if you happen to be raising an African-American son in the inner-city)  For that reason, I will be making sure my 14-year-old son has very little free time this summer.  If your…
  5. 5 Ways You Know You’re Raising a Good Kid

    So around the time you’re kid turns about 12 most brown mamas begin to ask themselves (on a regular basis) am I doing a good job.  Is my daughter or son going to be a good adult?  Well it turns out there are some pretty sure fire ways (at least I think) to determine a…

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