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blog 100 Creative Date Night Ideas for Bored Couples

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Looking for a list of unique date night ideas?  You’re in the right place.  Every relationship, if it’s built to last, gets boring at some point.  It doesn’t have to stay boring though.  The problem is often a date night brain block.  You’ve just forgotten how to have a good time together.  So, here’s to remembering.  Check out this list of 100 creative date night ideas for bored couples.

  1. Take a walk through your community and show her off to your friends
  2. Go Dancing
  3. Visit a Local Winery
  4. Go on a Hike
  5. Talk a walk in the park and have a good, thorough conversation
  6. See the sights of the city
  7. Go to an arcade and have pizza afterwards
  8. Go to a Reggae Club (Love Jones)
  9. Play board games and drink bear
  10. Go ice skating or regular skating
  11. Take a private dance class
  12. Go to a lingerie store and try some on together
  13. Search for open to the public classes at local colleges and take a class together
  14. Workout togetherfightingovermoney2_brownmamas
  15. Go Bird-watching
  16. Find a local stream and skip rocks together
  17. Go on a boat tour (visit Groupon for some great ones)
  18. Go to an Improv Comedy show
  19. Go horseback riding
  20. Visit a local brewery and take a tour
  21. Take a DJ Class
  22. Buy a travel book and dream together
  23. Make dinner together
  24. Have a living room picnic (no TV)
  25. Build something together
  26. Paint a room together
  27. Have wine & cheese together
  28. Instagram the night away by visiting local destinations and taking pictures along the way
  29. Take a trendy workout class like boxing or an obstacle course
  30. Go to the Drive-In
  31. Make your own wine or beer at home
  32. Go to a hometown fair
  33. Got to a local nightclub
  34. Buy a guitar and write a song together
  35. Visit your local costume shop and take pictures in different costumes
  36. Explore a nearby town, neighborhood or city
  37. Have a philosophical conversation over wine
  38. Make a ‘Before We Turn 50″ list and start crossing things off
  39. Plant a tree together
  40. Buy some flowers together and plant them
  41. Go to a morning matinee movie
  42. Meet at a local landmark and kiss
  43. Train for a 5k together
  44. Find a local green-space and have a picnic
  45. Walk dogs together at your local kennel
  46. Get a massage together
  47. Rent a cheap motel and spend the night talking and doing “it”
  48. Bake a cake together
  49. Play in the rain together UniqueDateNightIdeas
  50. Go stargazing
  51. Catch lightning bugs in the park
  52. Get in your car and drive to your favorite songs
  53. Make a CD of your favorite songs together
  54. Make a collage of all your favorite moments from your relationship
  55. Go to the beach
  56. Visit a cornfield maze
  57. Visit your local aquarium or zoo
  58. Go rock climbing
  59. Go bowling
  60. Visit a local pond and feed the ducks
  61. Race go-karts
  62. Go to a Karaoke bar
  63. Go to a mini-golf course
  64. Go to a planetarium or laser show
  65. Take a class at your local library
  66. Check out the Christmas lights in and around your neighborhood
  67. Go to a local high school sports game
  68. Eat takeout by candlelight
  69. Visit local bakeries and taste test sweet treats
  70. Attend a free concert in the park
  71. Go fancy car shopping and test drive a car
  72. Go to happy hour
  73. Make IOUs for the night and fill the request
  74. Take a bubble bath together
  75. Have an adult scavenger hunt at a shopping mall
  76. Browse through your wedding photos or watch your wedding videohusbandlostjob_brownmamas
  77. Pick up a pizza and eat it in the park
  78. Ride bikes together or vespas
  79. Go swimming together
  80. Go to a local art show or museum
  81. Go to a flea market
  82. Binge watch your favorite series together
  83. Take plane flying lessons
  84. Visit a hobby store and find something to do together
  85. Build a snowman or sandcastle together
  86. Write romantic poetry and recite it for each other
  87. Go sledding and have hot chocolate together
  88. Roast marshmallows around a backyard fire pit
  89. Go to the Farmer’s Market together
  90. Go fishing together
  91. Go kayaking
  92. Go white-water rafting
  93. Turn on some old-school hip-hop and have some convo and wine
  94. Invite another couple to game night at your house
  95. Fly kites together
  96. Play softball in the backyard or at a local park
  97. Collect seashells and take walk on your local beach
  98. Have a video game competition
  99. Draw pictures of one another
  100. Make love and have a good discussion afterwards

After this list of unique date night ideas, you better not still be bored.  What are you waiting for? Get out there, try something new.  Check out Groupon Coupons for ways to have fun on a dime and, for God’s sake, stop being bored!

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  1. Mrs. G says:

    What a great post! Thank you for these simple and inexpensive ideas!

  2. Iyanna says:

    I definitely appreciate these simple , inexpensive ideas. Things we over look everyday. Thank you

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