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blog 5 Reasons Every Brown Mama Should Blog

I started blogging about a year ago, and it has literally opened up a new world for me.  I’ve met other bloggers in niches that I had no idea even existed.  I’ve formed great relationships (both working and personal) with people I would have never met.  Plus, the extra cash once in awhile helps out with my new entrepreneurial status.  But minus all of that, writing at BrownMamas.com really helps me to see what’s unique about my family and lifestyle.  I no longer view my routine as mundane.  I take time everyday to recognize that my cleaning, parenting or cooking technique could possibly help someone else.  When I’m organizing my son’s closet rather than just doing it, I will also write about how I did it.  Black and Brown mothers have to begin to see their lives as inspirational, blessed and worthy of sharing.  Blogging is one of the ways to do that.  So, here are my top 5 reasons every Black and Brown mother should blog.

1. It’s a space for sharing what’s unique about your family

Now that your blogging a trip to the zoo is no longer a trip to the zoo.  It suddenly becomes a picturesque chronicle of what your family looks and feels like.  Not only have you made your family a selling point, but you’ve also captured a moment with your family that you’ll never be able to repeat.  You’re children will be able to look back at that moment and read exactly how you felt about that moment.  Now that’s beautiful!

2. Branding your business with your blog  

If you have a business, or even a business idea, a blog can assist you in letting people know what your business is all about.  In addition, you will be able to brand yourself as an authority in that specific industry or niche.  Once your following grows, you can utilize your following to prove your authoritative influence in your niche, and not to mention you’ve also created a population of people who look to you for advice or support in that industry.

3. Extra cash 

From sponsored post, to product reviews, advertisement on your site and cashing in on social media ‘parties,’ there are a plethora of ways you can cash-in the time you spend writing your blog.  The key to cashing in on your blog is being truly passionate about your topic.  As the saying goes, content is king. Writing a blog is all about creating an online space where people can find information they are looking for.  You want to make sure you are really living and in-tune with what your readers want.  Companies are searching for ways to give their products that personal touch, and your blog is the icing on their cake.

4. Opens up  networking opportunities

There is literally a blog for everything.  There are blogs for crocheting, blogs for people who obsessively watch television and even blogs for people who like to pain their toenails.  Simply put, when you’re in the blog-sphere you never know who you will meet.  Meeting new people in the blog-sphere gives you the opportunity to share your message with people you would have never encountered in the physical.  Earlier this year, I wrote a very, very short post about Black Science Fiction being essential for minority kids.  Man, the Black Sci-Fi community literally swarmed my website.  The article garnered over 2 thousand hits on my site, and over 300 Facebook and Twitter shares.  All that cause my 12-year-old loves Octavia Butler and Milton J. Davis.  Yes, your family is unique.  But in the blog-sphere you can be sure there’s someone out there who shares your interest and their ready and waiting to visit your site.

5. Template for writing a book

In a Facebook post a few weeks ago singer Tyrese said the framework for writing a book includes recording your thoughts daily. Blogging is an easy way to do that.  Remember, just because you write a blog today doesn’t mean your going to get 1,000 hits tomorrow. The early stages of blogging give you a chance to fine tune and adjust your message.  Take your time. For awhile your blog will only be read by you and your mom, who looks at the site everyday to make you feel good.  Writing a blog can double as your daily journal.  Your daily journal will at some point manifest into Terry McMillan-esque words that inspire others, and that’s essentially what a book is.

So, what are you waiting for?  Hop on over to wordpress.com.  It’s easier than ever to start a blog. Write away!

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