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blog Pittsburgh’s Top Black Mommy Bloggers

Our list of Pittsburgh Black Mom bloggers are moms who give the real deal on parenting in-color in the Steel City region.  Mama bloggers are a unique bread of people. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting most of these women, and they have interesting perspectives, are doing an excellent job at parenting kid-first and can write their pants off.  So in my completely biased opinion, here it our list of fabulous Pittsburgh Black mom bloggers.


Of Course, we give you the 411, or 412 should I say, on living life as a Brown Mama in Pittsburgh.  Bottom-line if you want to reach Black moms in Pittsburgh, I’m your gal.  Whether you wanna meet-up with some like-minded brown mamas, need to find out what’s going on in the city or just want some tips on parenting in color, Brown Mamas has got it!  We are the premier site for Black moms in Pittsburgh engaging over 1,000 moms in our private Facebook group and over 100 moms in-person during our monthly meet-ups.  Subscribe to our newsletter or join our super engaged Facebook group to stay connected.  This site is all about helping moms find joy in the routine, everyday of life.

Moments with Mommy

Shyvonne Hall is one of my favorite brown mamas and is the proud new mama-in-chief over at Moments with Mommy.com.  She blogs about having a big, beautiful family of 8.  Besides being a gentle and beautiful soul, Shyvonne knows how to shop on a dime (she has a phenomenal shopping haul YouTube channel), can give you the lowdown on where to have birthday parties in Pittsburgh and knows all about organizing laundry by the ton.


Tiffany is a mom on a mission.  She is the queen of empowerment here in Pittsburgh and is now focusing on how moms can write their way out of a rut.  In addition to helping moms gain clarity through coaching, Tiffany is focusing on helping moms care for themselves by writing love letters to themselves.  Tiff is one of my favorite brown mamas as well because she’s not afraid to live in her truth and is bold enough to help other moms live in theirs.

Mom Talk with Denise LaRosa

Denise has hit podcasting gold with her weekly broadcast Mom Talk with Denise LaRosa.  She talks all thing mommy with other moms from all over the world.  From mompreneurs to stay-at-home moms, inspirational moms and medical doctor moms, Denise’s podcast covers everything a mom needs to know about parenting.  And talk about the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, Denise is a woman who supports other woman and loves to see us shine.

Diary of a First Time Mom

Heather is a first-time mommy and loving it. Heather is in the business of helping moms make it through their first year of parenting unscathed.  Diary of a First Time Mom boast a huge following and has also been featured in local and national media.  She also focuses on helping moms do good things for their community describing herself as a blogger for social good.

Fab Inside Out

Erica is a force! In addition to posting a daily fab face using all kinds of cosmetics (from Mac to Wet n’ Wild and some I’ve never heard of) she cherishes herself in a fearless way.  Erica blogs about makeup, self-care and being a woman and mother of faith.  To keep it short, I’ve never met a woman so sure of herself, her beliefs and her plan.

CityStyle 412

Allegra gives you the local scoop on what’s fashionable in Pittsburgh.  In addition to having a very keen sense of style herself, Allegra attends the city’s most fashionable events and dishes them out on her blog.  Every Pittsburgh mom can live vicariously fabulous when visiting CityStyle412.

Creatively Yours by Ro

Ms. Ro is Pittsburgh’s resident expert on everything beauty.  A natural diva, Rochelle gives us the 411 on Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, the latest in style and fashion and soon will be giving us a peek inside her dating and romantic life with Romanticly Ro.

The Movie Scene Queen

Ms. Howze has movie tickets. ‘Nuf said, right.  Mercedes blogs about her favorite thing: movies.  Throwback films, kid flicks, chick flicks, she’s got it all.  She reviews movies and can get you in on local advanced screenings from time to time.  As you can imagine, her following is massive.  And why wouldn’t it be?  Who doesn’t like the movies? I know I do!

Pecan Momma Tales

Syreeta is a woman of faith who writes about the joys and challenges of raising what she calls her “bonus” children. In addition, Syreeta writes about relationships and cooking pecan momma style!

Pittsburgh Momtourage

Ever thought about adopting?  Well Kelly didn’t just think about it, she did it!  Kelly is another mom on a mission who is raising 4 kids and two of them are adopted brown babies.  She boast an impressive list of family friendly activities, reviews local events and host her annual Foster Love Project which collects book-bags filled with items for local foster children and their families.  Kelly is not a brown mama, but she is an awesome mom.

Wanna have your blog added?  Hey, why not?  You’re a Brown Mama, you live in Pittsburgh and I’m sure you are raising phenomenal children.  Drop me a line at pghbrownmamas@gmail.com.

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