Finding Black doctors in Pittsburgh is like finding a needle in a haystack. Or so it may seem. Just about every week a mom post in the Pittsburgh Brown Mamas Facebook group and ask “Does anyone know of a Black doctor”? It’s been years in the making, but I finally am getting it done. Check out this list of Black doctors in the Pittsburgh region as compiled courtesy of the moms of Pittsburgh Brown Mamas.

Dr. Catherine Udekwu – Pediatrician (website)

Dr. Margaret Larkins – Pettigrew – OBGYN – (412.641.4200)

Dr. Danielle Smith – OBGYN – (website)

Dr. Danielle Smith – Allegheny Health Network

Dr. Renee Hickman – OBGYN, Premier Medical Associates (412.242.0777)

Dr. Jessica Diggs – OBGYN (website)

Dr. Jaqueline Yancey – OBGYN (website)

Dr. Carol Duncan-Gloster – Pediatrician- (412.244.4700)

Dr. Dayle B. Griffin – Pediatrician

Dr. Ellen Mitchell – Pediatric Opthamologist

Dr. Robert Edwards – PCP – (412.441.4686)

Dr. Randolph M. Peters – Primary Care, Internal Medicine (website)

Dr. Erin Issac – Winning Smiles Pediatric Dentistry – (website)

Dr. Kathalyne Frazier – Podiatry – (412.244.4700)

Dr. Diane Johnson – Podiatry – (412) 362-9440

Dr. Felicia Beseka – Family Practice – (412) 351-6300

Dr. Felicia Young – Family Practice – (412.261.0937)

Black Pediatricians in Pittsburgh
Check out all the Pediatricians on our list of Black Doctors in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Joyce Saadik – Family Practice – ( 412.247.5216)

Dr. Stephanie Miller – Family Medicine

Dr. Yvette Broadnax – Family Medicine

Dr. Tracey Conti – Family Medicine

Dr. Amaris Adina Yandel – Physician 

Dr. Ronald Monah – Internal Medicine

Dr. Jatolla Davis – Midwife- (website)

Dr. Edmond Effort – Dentist- (website)

Dr. James Wilson – Dentist – (412.731.3600)

Dr. Debbie Lewis – Dentist – (412.247.6191)

Dr. Jewell Gaulding – Dermatologist – (412.359.3376)

Dr. Alaina James – Dermatologist – (website)

Hand-in-Hand Counseling – Mental Health, Therapy – (website)

Wisdom & Wellness Counseling – Mental Health, Therapt – (412-229-7032) (website)

Visions Toward Peace Counseling – Mental Health, Therapy – (website)

Know more Black doctors in Pittsburgh? Leave their names in the comments. Meanwhile check out some of the other guides available on our website. Here’s a guide to Black-Owned Day Cares in Pittsburgh. Here’s a list of Support Groups for Black Moms. Here’s our Big List of Resources for Moms in Pittsburgh.

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  • Hello, my name is Dr. Juanita Thorpe, a Podiatrist that works out of the East Liberty Family Healthcare Center. I have been practicing full scope of Podiatry for 9 years and recently been practicing in Pittsburgh for over a year.

    Dr. Juanita L. Thorpe- Podiatrist
    East Liberty Family Healthcare Center

    Dr. Amaris Yandel
    UPMC Magee Womens Hospital &
    East Liberty Family Healthcare Center

  • Here is a list of female Black doctors here in Pittsburgh PA …

    Dr. Jeannette E. South-Paul, MD – Family Medicine. (412) 383-1550

    Dr. Kitila Smith Heyward, MD – OBGYN (888) 231-4050

    Dr. Mary Fleming Ackenbom, MD – OBGYN

    Dr. Raucheline Akindele, MD – Radiology

    Dr. Gabrielle Rachelle Bonhomme, MD – Ophthalmology (412) 647-2200

    Dr. Tracey D Conti, MD – Family Medicine (412) 673-5504

    Dr. Madeleine B Courtney Brooks, MD, MPH – Gynecology

    Dr. Esa Matius Davis, MD – Internal Medicine (412) 692-4888

    Dr. Alaina J. James, MD, PhD – Dermatology

    Dr. Khalilah Dann, MD – Family Medicine/ OBGYN <– last I checked we moved her office to Washington PA.

  • Dr. Veronica L Dance (Licensed Professional Counselor)
    (412) 772-4197
    6031 Broad St, Ste 201, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

  • Hello! Tried to find Dr. Margaret Larkins Pettigrew. The number listed was a non working number. Does anyone have a more recent number for her?

  • Dr. Alvarado-Reagans is an amazingly skilled OB/GYN in AHN system. I was lucky enough to find her when I moved to Pittsburgh years ago. The care I receive from her and her practice is great! She is patient, compassionate, and professional. I have never felt rushed and takes time to explain information and involve her patients with their care.

    She has several offices in the area:

  • Dr. Marvin Mcgowan
    Family Practice
    Specialist in LGBT health

    Also heck out the “Gateway medical Society” of black doctors in Pittsburgh!

  • I have a black primary care physician by the name of Dr. Herbert Bazron. He is the nicest and most caring doctor I have ever had in my life. He listens and offers advice and when I walked into his office, the receptionist reminded me of one of my “aunties.”Such a great feeling.

  • Dr Amaris Yandel, OB/GYN, Dr Juanita Thorpe, Podiatrist, Dr. Leon Williams,Dentist -East Liberty Family Health Care Center.
    Dr. Stephen Wilson, UPMC Mathilda Theiss

  • I hope nobody ever needs him, but surgical oncologist Dr. Steven Evans at Shadyside Hospital is excellent.

  • Dr. Esa Davis (internal medicine) and Dr. Jeannette South-Paul (family medicine): both phenomenal women. Elohu Ufomata is also incredible.

  • My kids pediatrician is black. Her name is Dr. Dannika Wallace and she works out of Children’s Community Pediatrics. She is absolutely amazing, especially with special needs kids!

  • Dr. Esa Davis is my PCP and Gyne at UPMC Montefiore General Medicine. I didn’t have health insurance when I began seeing her at General Medicine…I was able to apply for UPMC financial assistance once denied for Medicaid. They covered 80% of my bill. Dr. Davis is very difficult to get an appointment with, but is soooo worth the wait!!

  • Dr.Eloho Ufomata- specializing in primary care, women’s health and transgender health

  • Dr. Eloho Ufomata- Internal Medicine, specializing in primary care, women’s health and transgender health
    Affiliated with UPMC

  • Nikia Tucker is a black Nurse Practitioner who works at Adagio and Allegheny Reproductive Health Center!

    Dr Larkins-Pettigrew is not working in Pittsburgh but we are always hoping she will come back!

  • Atlas Counseling Services – Dr. Darla Timbo, 412-855-6630,

  • Cameron’s Counseling & Consulting – Eletta Cameron 412.403.8196, she has been a major help for my family & I
    both joint & individual sessions.

  • I’m a black child psychiatrist. You should list me but note that I am close to retirement so am taking a limited number of patients ( planning to retired sometime within the next 5 years). People can still call because I do have openings now and them. My bio:
    Claire M. Cohen, M.D,
    4701 Baptist Road.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15227

    There is another Black child psychiatrist, Barbara Johnson, M.D. she is not practicing right now. She is working for an insurance company. She is about ten years younger than I am. I am trying to convince her to open a small practice. I will ask her if she wants to be listed.

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