Abortion is nearly five times more likely to be experienced by black women than by a white women according the Guttmacher Institute. Yet and still, it is a taboo subject in our communities.

Everyday Black women boldly make a decision that is heart-breaking and life-changing without support, advice or love from their community. How did we get here?

During the 2019 Brown Mama Monologues, Muffy Mendoza, the founder and executive director of Brown Mamas, told her story of overcoming and going through an abortion without community, love or advice.

It is not an attempt to persuade or convince, but is an opportunity to listen and learn. Episode 2, The Brown Mama Blueprint Podcast: Abortion.


Abortion rates among Black women is a tough topic to talk about and even harder to experience first hand. If you find yourself in the middle of making this heart-breaking decision, the best thing I can tell you is to get centered and really take the time to meditate this monumental decision in your life. For me, it was the right decision at that time. I can only convey my experience.

But, what I know for sure is that each one of my children, regardless of whether they came when I was broke or comfortable, or ready or not, are THE blessings of my life.

Here are 26 women sharing their abortion stories.

If you have a story to tell and think other people would benefit from hearing it too, you should consider auditioning for The Brown Mama Monologues. Just visit our website.



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Muffy Mendoza is an author, speaker and founder of Pittsburgh Brown Mamas, a support group for nearly 4,000 African-American moms in the Pittsburgh region. To further fill the void Muffy has created a line of educational products focused on helping Black moms be the best moms, too. Her first book, The Brown Mama Mindset: A Blueprint for Black Moms on Life, Love & Home, was featured at the 2018 Essence Festival and is currently sold in various cities across the U.S. Muffy champions the beauty of Black motherhood everywhere she goes, even on the TEDx stage. Find out more about Muffy on muffymendoza.com.

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