It’s summer time and the living is NOT easy.  My kids have successfully evaded summer camp for two weeks and all of my nieces and nephews have been at my home for at least two days or more all at one time.  As of now, I’m drowning in motherhood.  But, it is what it is and we ain’t stayin’ up in this house everyday.  So the buddy system is in full effect and I’m in #momlife mode organizing family outings at least twice a week.

This is no easy task, and I know there are some mamas out there in the same predicament.  Because I sympathize with my girls, I’ve created this list of field trip tips and hacks if you have a gang of children on a family outing.  Enjoy!

Gotta Use the Bathroom?

One of the mamas in the Pittsburgh Brown Mamas group gave me this advice and I thought it was sketchy.  Until I was on vacation in Florida this month and walked “with intention,” as I was advised, into the Hyatt Regency lobby and went straight to the bathroom.  No questions asked, no funny looks. Just like that, a clean bathroom and empty bladders all around!  Libraries are also great place to use the bathroom.

Just Get on the Bus!

Fireworks, city festivals, Pittsburgh sporting events, if you’re taking a gang of kids on a family outing, do yourself the favor of not being in the car with the kids an extra hour in traffic.  Park close enough to the event that you can take a 15-minute bus ride and avoid traffic. (The kids will love it and walking makes them sleepy.)

Screenshot_2016-06-30-10-20-04Do NOT Wait in the Drive Thru

Kids get hungry, right?  But the days of waiting in long lines for food are so over. Download the Chick-fil-A One app, hop out the car, grab the food, dish it out and keep on driving.  No waiting in line. No heavy trays to carry.  No “I’m hungry” complaints.  Order, Pick-up, Feed ’em, Go.

Take the XBOX with You

Well not really, but you better put some apps on that cellphone. I suggest having a special bag just for iPads, tablets and cell phones so nothing gets lost.  My boys suggested some apps for us: Fruit Ninja, Baby Hazel Games (for girls), Minecraft PE and Angry Birds.  If you happen to have some downtime, apps are a great way to keep everyone calm and collected in one space.  You can also take that time to get on your Chick-fil-A One app and order lunch or dinner.

Get a Discount

Got a veteran? Kids under 3?  Got a AAA membership?  Then you might be able to get a discount.  Always call ahead and let the admission office know that you are bringing a large group.  Like my mom always says, you never know until you ask.

Need some suggestions on where to take all these kids on family outings in Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh Brown Mamas, Pittsburgh Momtourage and Sugar Aunts have collaborated to bring you this awesome list of hidden gems in Pittsburgh.

Hack the Summer in Pittsburgh

So, I’m going to help you help yourself.

  1. Stop Waiting in Long Lines
  2. Download the FREE Chick-fil-A ONE app to customize your order, pay in advance and get on to the business of enjoying your family outing.
  3. With Chick-fil-A ONE you will also receive FREE food offers customized to your eating preferences.
  4. Click here  or, just tweet #cfaONE with the cow emoji to receive a prompt to download.

This post was compensated by The Motherhood.  However, all opinions remain my own. #cfaPgh

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