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blog #GoodMama Debra Makes Motherhood Proud

Have you ever heard of the phrase “cute as a button.” Well I would use that to describe Debra, but she’s so much more than that.  Just this week we were at African dance class at Sankofa Village and Debra was dancing with her baby on her back (Yes, a one-year-old baby on her back and looking good while doing it).  Can you says supermom?  Debra is a great supporter of Pittsburgh Brown Mamas having face painted at all of our vending events and as a regular face at our meet-ups.  This mama just makes me proud to be a Brown Mama.

1. When did you first become a mom and how did you feel? 

September 7, 1995 I had my first son Stephan. I was so excited and very selfish because I love him so much I wanted to have him all to myself all the time. It was very very excited. 


Debra with husband, Omar, oldest son, Stephan, middle son, Evan, baby boy Allan and daughter Amara

2. How do your feeling about motherhood differ now?

Well being a mother of four children and having raised a teenager, I am more patient I understand that just like you do, they go through different stages.

3. What makes you a #GoodMama?

Because I love each one of my kids and they all have very different personalities.   I just enjoy seeing the funny things that they do, and the behaviors they have with each other. I would do anything for them.

4. What advice would you give to a new mom?

Being a new mom you will fall in love with this precious little baby and don’t forget the dad.  He is  new at this too.  So give him time with the baby, and don’t forget that you loved him first.  You can share that love between the both of you with a new baby.  
In addition to being a fantastic moms of four, Debra is the craftiest, most artistic and creative mom I know.  She does face painting, henna and even painted the wall that she’s posing in front of in her #goodmama photo with beautiful banana leaves.  Did I mention she makes custom purses and clothes.  Check out her Facebook page.

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