Homeschool planning is my least favorite part of learning with my children as a lifestyle. Some days I wake up not knowing what I want to wear, let alone what I want to teach.

I’m always searching for ways to make homeschool planning easy, and ways to allow my kids more control and responsibility over their learning experiences.

That’s why I LOVE

Wide Open School collects all of your favorite educational resources from across the web onto ONE categorized and centralized website. also allows parents to, with the click of a few buttons, turn all of those resources into a hands-on, interactive lesson plan that’s easy to access and follow for parents.

Check out my tutorials on how to create an ENTIRE weekly lesson plan in ONE HOUR with NO planner, NO curriculum and COMPLETELY FREE.

Using, I planned my entire weekly lesson plan in one hour.

After watching this video homeschool planning will get so much easier. From engaging videos to live online field trips to websites that help you teach the tough stuff like math, has all the resources you need to make homeschooling COVID-19 style work for your family.

homeschool planning

My first, second and third years of homeschooling were no walk in the park, so no one expects you to get this perfect in two months. There were some days were I didn’t teach anything at all because of anxiety.

But, with, you don’t have to go through that. USE THE RESOURCE SIS.

As a first time homeschooler you need to be patient with yourself and with your children. This an opportunity for you and your kids to grow closer and realize that learning is all about quality, not quantity.

If you prefer to watch the homeschool planning tutorial on Facebook…

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  • Hi Concita. That’s likely because school is officially out for most folks. I’m sure WOS will bring back the feature once schooling returns in the Fall. In the meantime, check out the science, get moving, life skills and art sections for tuns of interactive activities. Stay tuned!

  • Hi. The daily schedule button is no longer there. I was able to only find printable sheets under the Virtual Summer Camp button. Do you have a direct link to still access the one shown in this video?

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