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In Chapter One of the Brown Mama Mindset we focus on all the ways that you’ve allowed time to transform you without your consent or acknowledgement. We will begin understanding how to release time-deficit thinking and begin the journey toward developing your Brown Mama Mindset.

Chapter One Slide Deck

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Chapter Focus:

To start your Brown Mama Mindset journey, the first chapter asks moms to examine their relationship with time.  Oftentimes moms the stress moms experience has a lot to do with feelings that there is not enough time to get everything time.

The thought that they may not have enough time to reach toward higher education, spend time with their children or get dinner on the table on-time can be all-consuming.

Use the Chapter One Slide Deck to talk with them about their relationship with time.

Mind Check Card: Why do you think you are running out of time?

Above all, this question asks you to examine how you perceive time in your life. It asks you to consider whether thoughts of scarcity are real, or are simply cognitive distortions.


Indexed Content:

  1. 36: Ultimately, we overcompensate for lack of internal worth by dunking ourselves and our kids into the pool of an assumed success path.
  2. 41: It’s okay to slow down.  It is righteous to slow down.  It is godly to slow down.
  3. 44 : Your time limitations are solely based on your perception of time.


Conversation Starter:  

To engage with your mama around this subject, you think of a time when you thought you didn’t have enough money, time, resources or personal fortitude to accomplish a goal, meet a deadline or be present for something or someone, and still, everything worked out just as it should have.  Share this experience.

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