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blog 5 Reasons You Should Visit the MinuteClinic

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I have an awesome pediatrician, but sometimes the MinuteClinic is just more convenient. With MinuteClinics now located at most CVS Pharmacies and many Target stores, it’s easier than ever to get quality care for some minor illnesses and injuries just minutes from home.  Here are five reasons to visit the MinuteClinics at Target or CVS.

You’ve got an infection – From sinus infections to bladder infections and ear infections, the MinuteClinic at CVS is capable of diagnosing your problem and finding the right solution.  Most clinics have two doctors on staff and a nurse.  Pharmacist can fill your prescription on-site.

You’re at Target – Earlier this year CVS began partnering with Target for your healthcare needs.  Every Target that formerly had a pharmacy and clinic now has a CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic. While many Targets do not yet have MinuteClinics, most CVS Pharmacies at Target still offer vaccinations, diagnosis of some illnesses, smoking cessation programs and weight loss help.  That means you can get your chicken soup, Robitussin and prescriptions all in the same place.

Your kid needs a physical – If your kid is signing up for a sport or needs an updated physical at school you can visit the MinuteClinic for that too.  That includes getting a TB test.

You need help with your weight – Want to lose weight or stop smoking?  You can work with doctors, nurses and pharmacist at the MinuteClinic to develop a plan that will work for your lifestyle.

You need a vaccination – Vaccines for the flu, pertussis, pneumonia and hepatitis are available at the MinuteClinic everyday.

Other services offered at the MinuteClinic include women’s health services, screening and monitoring for individuals with diabetes and high cholesterol and treatment for skin irritations, bruising, bites and burns.  If you are a former Target pharmacy or clinic customer, you can visit the new CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic at Target with no problem.  The new pharmacy already has your new information.

Click here to learn more about the CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinics at Target.


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