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blog 3 Steps Toward Better Blog Content & More Pageviews

Blogging is an uphill battle until you figure out what works.  In the blogging world you’ve heard the saying “Content is king.” Well, in the case of the mom blogging world, it is known that content is, in fact, queen!  If you fail to create good content on your blog no amount of paying to boost articles on Facebook, pinning your life away on Pinterest or snapping every pic of you and your family on Instagram will work to keep the attention of loyal followers.  Bottom-line, you need to blog about information people care about.  An easy way to know if you are writing content that matters is to take a look at your “pageviews.” Your pageviews details who is visiting and viewing your site daily, weekly and monthly.

If your views are stagnant or go up and down, it likely has something to do with the availability of good content on your site.  If you’d like to boost your pageviews here are 3 easy ways to create better blog content and get more pageviews.  Check it out.


[big_title2]Create Tangible Content[/big_title2]

I know you love your story about your daughter’s new hairdo, but as far as keywords go, no one is Googling “Molly’s bad hair day.” But, someone may be Googling “hairdos for little girls.”  Create content that is usable.  Create content that can be searched for. Create content that someone on the Internet will be targeting in a search.  Creating tangible content is all about being a useful blogger.  It’s great to have some stories that help your readers define who you are and lend a hand to the brand you are trying to create, but content that gets hits is often generalized and able to be used by your reader.

[big_title2]Brainstorm Your Blog[/big_title2]

How do you come up with tangible content for a blog post? Just ask.  The next time you are sitting with a group of girlfriends take the time to ask them what issues they are having in their life.  From those conversations you can create tangible content knowing that if one person is experiencing this issue, then there are others, who are likely Googling it, having the same issues.  Use your social media, especially Facebook, to find out what the pain points of your readers are and capitalize on them.

[big_title2]Blog Your Goal[/big_title2]

Wanna be a blog ambassador for Disney World? Then you should blog about Disney.  If you want to be a social media guru; then, you should blog about Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram with the categories and tags to match.  The entire point of blogging is so that when someone is searching for ideas, opportunities or knowledge that fit your criteria, they will find your site.  So, put yourself out there.  Your goal should be easily understood by a search through your website.  (P.S. I’m still working on that myself.)

Hope this helps.

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